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Bots are used to perform automated tasks on the wiki. This page is for users to post tasks that would be well-suited for our in-house bots. It is also so that the bot owners can keep the community advised of upcoming and current bot actions.

Bot edits should have a link to the task article in the edit summary.

The bot task article should very specifically state the purpose of the task, include examples of which articles may be affected, and explain how the task will be performed. Bots that are run using AutoWikiBrowser should state the parameters used to generate the list of articles. Bots run as scripts (i.e. Perl) should include the full code of the script and provide information on any modules or libraries used.

Bot tasks should not be undertaken without at least one week's warning except in special circumstances. Longer waiting periods may be required. No bot task should begin until at least one sysop, who is not the bot's owner, has signed off on it. This allows time for the community to review the bot task, make any necessary refinements or adjustments to the bot's logic, and ultimately decide if it is worth performing or if there is a better alternative.

Current bots[edit source]

for a list of all bots, see Special:Listusers/bot

Proposed tasks[edit source]

list tasks that haven't been decided on here

To do list[edit source]

list tasks that have been decided on but are not yet ready to be run here

Currently active tasks[edit source]

Recurring tasks[edit source]

Completed Tasks[edit source]

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