The purpose of this task is to remove the transcluded subpages of NPC articles from Special:Uncategorizedpages by assigning a category to each of them.

This task can be completed by bot owners running Auto Wiki Browser. The user will need to copy the list of subpages from the relevant section of GuildWiki:Non-orphaned articles (under the heading "NPCs") and save it either to a local file or to a page in their userspace. If the latter, the article names must be linked.

AWB will read the list of pages to edit from either the file or the userspace page. It needs to add the following code to the bottom of each NPC subpage:

<noinclude>[[Category:<NPC type> subpages]]</noinclude>

where <NPC type> is given in the following table:

{{PAGENAME}} looks like... ...<NPC type> is Status
*/Collector Collector Complete
*/CollectorArmor Armor collector Complete
*/Consumables Consumable crafter Complete
*/Skills Skill trainer Complete
*/Weapons Weaponsmith Complete
Merchant/* Merchant Complete

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