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A bot is a very useful editing tool that can make tasks that can automate tedious, repetitive tasks.

Usually, a bot will have a type of script (a file with the instructions for the bot to follow) and a type of framework (a utility that is used to interface between the script and the GuildWiki). Some bots are run using the AutoWikiBrowser.

To request that a bot be applied to a specific task, or to view current, past and suggested tasks, see GuildWiki:Bot tasks.


Bot edits are subjected to less editorial review. There is no human reading the edit before it is submitted, and many users following the RC log won't see and review the edits. Because of this, special care must be taken that bot edits are error free and not controversial, and that bots who are not can be quickly shut off.

This policy is a guideline to ensure that this is the case.

When to use a bot[]

There are many tasks on a wiki that bots are very well suited for, but there are just as many tasks for which they are not well suited. Generally, any editing task that is in any way subjective should not be handled by a bot.

These are examples of tasks that bots do well:

  • Moving an article and updating all links to point to the new article
  • Adding a specific block of text to all articles in a category
  • Finding all uses of a template and substituting them

These are examples of tasks that bots should not perform:

  • General spellchecking
  • Applying license information to unattributed images

If you are not sure which category your idea for a bot task falls into, post it at GuildWiki:Bot tasks to get other users' input.

Bot accounts can be used to hide anything that you feel might not be of interest to other users.


When using a bot, these specific restrictions should always be followed:

  • A flagged bot should always be run from it's own registered account (it should not be conjoined with the bot owner's account). There must be some type of notice at the top of the bot's userpage informing users that it is a bot.
  • If you are not a flagged bot and wish to run a bot for a small task, you should use your normal account. Small tasks should not exceed 20 edits. The operator should not leave this bot unattended. Abusing any bot powers is grounds for banning.
  • The owner must always be a contributor in good standing (i.e. The owner should not be a user who is blocked often, etc.).
  • Bot be used for tasks that are not controversial, they should only be used for tasks that have consensus. Do not have a bot do edits that have not been approved by the community of GuildWiki.
  • The owner is not to make more than 20 automated edits per day if a bot is not flagged, for this may flood recent changes. To exceed this limit, the owner must receive a bot flag for the account (see the below section).

The Bot Flag[]

Bot accounts can be given a bot flag, which prevents the edits made from the bot, from showing up in (and flooding) the default view of Special:Recentchanges. Many editors user Recent Changes to monitor activity on GuildWiki so its important that it not be flooded with bot edits.

To get this bot flag, make a request on the admin noticeboard clearly stating why it would be beneficial for you to have a bot. It is then up to any bureaucrat to decide whether they will allow the bot to be given a bot flag. Any bureaucrat can also take the bot flag from the bot account if it is found to be appropriate.


The currently flagged bot accounts on the English GuildWiki are:

For a list of currently active bots see GuildWiki:Bot_tasks#Current_bots.

For a system generated list of flagged bot accounts see Special:Listusers/bot.


If a bot, in spite of all precautions, is found to have made harmful, erroneous, and/or disruptive edits, it is the responsibility of the owner to correct all issues (even if it must be done manually). To prevent this, a bot's functioning should be clearly presented and reviewed by multiple parties on the bot tasks page.


If a bot account is making harmful and/or disruptive edits or not following the above restrictions, any sysop or bureaucrat is free to block it in order to halt the bots activity. When blocking, the autoblock option should be turned off to avoid blocking the bot owner as well as the bot account.

Operators must add the following code to a bot account's user page to create a link to block a bot account quickly (this can help avoid any autoblocking mistakes):

[{{fullurl:Special:Blockip|wpBlockAddress={{BASEPAGENAME}}&wpBlockExpiry=infinite&wpAnonOnly=0&wpEnableAutoblock=0&wpCreateAccount=0&wpBlockReason=Halting%20bot}} Block this bot]