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Builds are a major part of this wiki. However, builds differ from other articles, because they can rarely or never be objectively evaluated. Therefore this wiki has come up with a vetting procedure which tries to ensure that, even though builds can only be subjectively evaluated, good builds can be separated from those which do not work as well.

Untested Builds

Creators of a build should follow the guidelines in GuildWiki:Style and formatting/Builds to ensure their builds conform to the standard of presentation of builds in the wiki. As soon as a build is ready to leave stub status, it is placed in the category untested builds. A blank voting form should be added to the build's talk page (this can be done by placing {{subst:rate-a-build}} on the talk page). As soon as a build has X more positive votes than negative votes, it can be moved to the category tested builds. If it has X more negative votes than positive ones, it is moved to the category unfavored builds. Note that the vote of the original build submitter is not counted here (he/she is thought to be always in favor of the build). It makes counting of votes easier if the original author does not cast a vote.

Testing Builds

When testing builds, testers should try their best to look at builds unprejudiced. The usage description of the author and also the types of gameplay (GvG/Farming/etc) for which the build is intended for should be checked carefully. Testers who are not 100% sure of their vote should take the build to Guild Wars and run it before casting the vote. It is helpful to try to improve the build by suggesting changes on the talk page.

  • Do not take a negative vote for one of your builds as an personal attack on yourself. The vetting process tries to ensure the quality of builds on this wiki.
  • Do not use personal attacks on the author while voting. It is always the build which is evaluated, not the author.

Reevaluating Builds

Builds that have been placed in the category tested builds should not be changed without discussion on the talk page first. However builds in untested builds and unfavored builds can be changed. If a build has been changed substancially, a new vote should be called, by archiving the old vote and putting up a new vote form. If an unfavored build has been substancially changed, it can be placed into untested again.

Deleting Builds

On rare occasions, builds can get deleted. This can happen if a newly submitted build is identical to an old, already evaluated build (submitters should take care not to submit such an build by looking up similar builds in the existing ones). A build can also be deleted, if it is obviously flawed and can not achieve the stated purpose.

  • Note that a build does not get deleted simply because it is bad. To be deleted there should be some substancial flaw present in the build, which stops it from working as adviced.