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Welcome to GuildWiki[]

This page is used as a task list to keep our efforts in the wiki coordinated and help new contributors finding issues that need attendance. Additionally, this page's discussion page is used for discussions that affect the wiki in general.

Also check out Category:GuildWiki for community related pages, Category:Helping out for things to do (and see below), and our editing guide and central help for information on how to do them.

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You can customize your signature to contain an image that changes from time to time. See GuildWiki:Sigpic.

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There aren't many forums on this wiki. GuildWiki talk:Community Portal serves as a general forum about the wiki; for more specific forums see this list.


Please view the tentative guidelines for GuildWiki:Projects. Many of these task lists would be better suited toward a project—further, this article could be reconstituted as a real community portal if projects are better defined. If you wish to create a project for any list below, please do so!

Completable Tasks[]

These tasks have a well defined stopping point. The usual style is to indicate the subtasks with bullets, and strike them out as they are completed. Add new completable tasks to the bottom of this section.

Category:Needs SoC confirmation[]

Add Bosses that require Signet of Capture confirmation of skills in this category so other people can confirm them. Remember, RawDump is considered a form of SoC confirmation, just need to update the boss page, don't need an additional SoC check.

Update Collector rewards[]

The Collector rewards page needs to be updated, as Elonian collectors/rewards are missing for the core classes and such.

The weapons have Nightfall info. The armor articles still need to be updated.

War in Kryta[]

We have missing and incomplete articles regarding the War in Kryta:

  • Peacekeepers: The Peacekeepers, which were just added in a recent update need to be documented, pages need to be created, and builds need to be added. They seem to have different secondaries, so if they use an alternative build, add that too.
  • New Items: There were a lot of new items added recently. Some of the relevant articles are missing or stubbed. See the relevant project page for where you could help.
  • Missing Articles: There are some topics for which we haven't started articles.
  • Stubbed articles: A number of the stubbed articles are newly started WiK pages that need finishing touches.

Perennial Tasks[]

These are tasks that have no stop date. Usually, these are administrative tasks, or tasks that require collecting a potentially infinite amount of data. Add new perennial tasks to the bottom of this section.

Policy Formulation[]

Please look at GuildWiki:Policy for suggested guidelines for proposing and changing policies, a more centralized way of tracking what is currently up for discussion, and a more up-to-date listing of GuildWiki policy.

Collect Boss/Mob Data[]

  1. For each offensive skill the monster uses, record its damage on the talk page. If the damage does not ignore armor, record the armor the victim is wearing. Also note any enchantments or hexes that might have been in place.
  2. Wait for a damage-guru to back-solve the monster's rank in the relevant attribute.

Update Salvage Data Categories[]

Update all categores which "Contain raw material" to include all items in the wiki and add new categories to cover all raw materials.

I did my best to categorize all the item articles for which at least one material component is known. Yet, the vast majority of the items still need research on into which material they salvage (especially regarding rare materials), so there is still a long way to go. --MRA 16:20, 24 October 2006 (CDT)
I'm currently working on salvaging large amounts of collectable and salvage items to "fill in the gaps," and I'll be moving on to weapons (and everything else) afterwards. Hopefully I'll have enough data to generate some meaningful statistics by the end of this summer. --Mesti 01:38, 7 March 2007 (CST)

Collect Data On The After Cast Of Skills[]

  • Skills like Aftershock have a time after the cast where you can not move nor cast. This is referred to as aftercast.
  • Misc:

Data Collection For Drop Rate Research[]

If you're farming out there and committing all kinds of crimes against computer-controlled monsters, take a moment to open a spread sheet and jot down the drops of the monsters you take down. See, the Drop rate article for what data to collect.

Furnish Missing Images[]

See Old image requests for old image requests
See Style and formatting/Images for tips on making good screenshots.

Improve Spelling Quality[]

Admin noticeboard[]

  • Used to quickly notify sysops.