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Style guides

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This page is a style and formatting guideline on GuildWiki.

It has general acceptance among editors and is considered a standard to which articles should adhere. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

It has become quite popular to display the titles of characters on your userpage. A set of templates exists to make this easy for you!

Single titles[edit source]

To display the progress of any one specific title, use the template obtained by "Title/<TitleNameWithNoSpaces>|progress"

For example, to show your character's progress with the Sunspear title, using {{Title/Sunspear|5000}} gives: "Sunspear General (5,000 points)"

For continent-specific titles, include the continent name as a template argument, so using {{Title/Cartographer|Tyrian|97.8}} gives: "Tyrian Master Cartographer (97.8%)"

A list of available templates can be found in Category:Title templates.

Multiple titles[edit source]

To display a list of all the titles your character has, consider using Template:TitleList. For example,

{{TitleList | TyrianProtector=25 | TyrianCartographer = 97.8 | ElonianProtector=17 | Sunspear=7395 }}

Results in:

  • Protector of Tyria
  • Elona Protector Track (17 missions)
  • Tyrian Master Cartographer (97.8%)
  • Sunspear General (7,395 points)
  • Legendary Guardian Track (1 titles)
  • Maxed Titles Track (1 maxed titles)

See also[edit source]

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