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This article chronicles questions that people frequently ask on the GuildWiki.

Wiki move[]

See GuildWiki:Welcome to Curse for FAQs on that topic.

In-game issues[]

Very often, players will come to this wiki with issues like:

  • "I can't connect to Guild Wars!"
  • "So-and-so is being vulgar in chat."
  • "I have an idea for Guild Wars."
  • "I found a bug in Guild Wars."
  • "Someone scammed me out of all my money!"

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with any in-game issues. We are a simple fansite and are not in any way affiliated with ArenaNet, the creators of Guild Wars. Some issues you can report using the in-game /report command, including vulgar language.

You can report issues on the official wiki, by emailing support, or creating a support ticket. To the best of our knowledge, ANet employees do not act on information posted here.

Creating and maintaining content on GuildWiki[]

"What's this whole wiki thing, anyway?"[]

If you have a question about article formatting, Wikia, or wikis in general, you'll probably find your answer in the shared Wikia help section. Some specific topics that are often asked about include:

How do I upload an image?[]

To upload an image, use the Special:Upload form. If you want to upload a new version of an existing image, click on the image to go to that image's page, then find the link (underneath the "File history" table) that says "Upload a new version of this file."

Only registered users who have been "autoconfirmed" can upload files. The MediaWiki default is that all registered users are autconfirmed, but our current web hosts have modified the settings to require a user to contribute 5 edits before they become autoconfirmed. To easily satisfy this requirement, you can simply create your userpage and then edit it a few times.

Also see our image use policy.

Why is the image I just uploaded not appearing on the page that uses it?[]

There are multiple levels of caching going on that can prevent a file from appearing on specific pages for up to 24 hours. The wiki itself caches all image thumbnails (which is what is actually displayed on each page, not the full image), in addition to caching a fully parsed and HTML-rendered version of each article. On top of that, your browser also (normally) stores a cached version of both the page and the file.

For help on forcing your browser to bypass/update its cache, see this help article on Wikipedia.

If you've done that and your image still isn't displaying, then you can force the wiki to delete the cached version of the article and re-parse it. To do this manually, edit the URL in your browser and add ?action=purge to the end of the URL. Alternatively, you can go to your Preferences, under Gadgets, and activate either the Purge or UTCLiveClock gadgets to add an easily-accessible "purge" link to every page on the wiki.

If you uploaded a new version of an existing image, and you've tried clearing both your browser's and the wiki's caches, and your version still isn't displaying on the page, then the problem is with the wiki's file cache. Unfortunately, there is no way to force the wiki to update the file cache, so you'll just have to be patient and wait for it to happen automatically.

How do I submit my own build?[]

Visit PvX Wiki for an organized build repository. We also allow users to keep build articles in their userspace, for example User:Felix Omni/Builds.

How do I make a page for my guild?[]

Visit the Guild Wars Guilds wiki. We also allow users to keep guild articles in their userspace, for example User:Soulblade enforcer/Dragons Flame Disciples.

There's something wrong on (some article). Please fix it![]

We encourage users of the wiki to be bold in adding information to the wiki and correcting information they think is incorrect. If you're not sure about how it should be corrected, though, click on the "discussion" tab on the article, then on the "+" tab to start a new thread on the article's talkpage about it.

Someone vandalized (some article). Please fix it![]

Again, we encourage users to be bold in reverting vandalism to the wiki. Please see Help:Reverting for a step-by-step explanation of how to revert an edit.

How do I delete an article or image?[]

Only administrators can delete articles or images. If you think a certain article should be deleted, check our criteria for deletion, then follow the instructions there to mark the page for deletion.

"What if my question is not answered here??"[]

If you can't find your question here, especially if it's a non-Guild Wars question, please search the Wikia Help wiki. If your question is about a specific article, post it on the article's discussion page. Otherwise, you can ask new questions at the request assistance page. For current community topics , you could also check the forum.