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There exist on GuildWiki a series of guidelines that are more advisory in nature than policies. While they are not binding in the same manner as policies (and are, as such, not enforceable by Administrators), users should nevertheless strive to follow them where appropriate.

Policies versus guidelines[]

Policies are enforceable codifications of community consensus and tradition. Guidelines, on the other hand, are merely expressions of wiki etiquette which are widely believed to be mutually beneficial for all editors. Although it is acceptable to refer another user to a guideline so that that editor may bear it in mind, users should generally not be accused of "violating" guidelines.

Style guidelines[]

Formatting guidelines are a subset of guidelines which govern article formatting. Users, both new and old, are encouraged to read these style guides to ensure a high quality of articles and ease of accessibility on the Wiki.

Creating a guideline[]

Unlike Wiki essays, guidelines, both policy and style, should reflect a general consensus. Although the process of guideline creation is not as formalized as policy creation, users are expected to gather a consensus in discussion.

Editing a guideline[]

Guidelines may be edited by anyone and as such are more subject to ready change than policies; however, edits which are not in keeping with the spirit of the guideline and the community (as established through discussion) may be reverted. Similarly, in regard to style guidelines, editors are expected to be bold if they believe a more effective format exists; however, they are expected not to do so in defiance of community consensus (as with any article).