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NBS = Needs Build Section (We still need to add the build catagory)

Index: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

"[edit source]

#[edit source]

A[edit source]

B[edit source]

C[edit source]

D[edit source]


Dance Fever

Dark Gladus

Deadly is Chuck

Deanimate Ally

Death Blow

Defy Boredom

Deleting Bash


Devastating Return

Devil went down to georgia

Doa solo build

Dont Heal

Dragonslear Noobnoob

Drunken Shot

Dual Strike

E[edit source]

E.T. Friend



Efreet's Flame

Elemental Arrow

Emo was Bob

Emo was Elise

Enlighten party

Epic Attack

Error 7

Error 7 shot

Eternal Suffering

Every sperm is sacred

Exhausted was Ritualist

F[edit source]


Faction (LAFT)

Fashion Victim

Feast of Crumpets

Fiesty Firebird

Fiznuckin Biznitch's Signs of too much Guild Wars

Flaming Rocks

Flash Nazi Badge

Fleshy Golem


Frenzy smite




Fury of the Storm

G[edit source]

GW:M&T Pre-order

gerret flamebringer

Galactic explosion


Gases from within

genki dama

Genkai Dama (by RavynousHunter)

girly charm


godly strength

good faith

goth gwen

grave digger


suicide bomber

guildwiki guard

guitar jam

Gwen's book on spontaneous conbustion


H[edit source]



Healing Chain

Healing Grope

Henchman Overdose


Hidden Beehive

Holy Hand Grenade

Hugo's Gaze

I[edit source]

Ice Nine

Implant Parasites


Infinite Discussion


Iway (Image)

J[edit source]

Jawesome Attack

Jealous Echo

K[edit source]

Karasuman's Wrath


Keeper's Training


Kill The Conners


Kitty Soft

Knowledge is Power

L[edit source]

Lag Death

Lancelot's Charge

Leave Him, He Will Probably Die

Legal Nightmare

Logistical Nightmare

Losing Ground

Lost Prophet

Love Draining

Low Pixel Density

Lucas' Fury

Lyssa's Cookie of Bemusement

M[edit source]

Merchants Hall

Guild Wars Miners and Traders

Mo/Rt Res Monkey

Mending essay

Metallic Scream

Meteor Stormers Team Build


Missing Skills

Mo/E Judas Monk

Mo/Me Echo Breeze Spammer

Mo/P Returner

Mo/W Axe Slasher

Mo/any Protective Spammer

Molly the Mob Master

Mr. Roxxor, the Uber Noober

Multiminded was Sarah

Mutate into Lurker

Mystic Aura

N[edit source]

N/E Powerhouse Nuker

N/Mo Grenth's Chosen

N/any Feast of Soul Leech

N00bish Suicide

Never-ending Argument

Nevil's Frustration

No Guilt, No Rememberance


Noob Healing

Noob Shout

Noob Was Togo

O[edit source]

Oats Hot

Oberleutnant Ordin

Obsidian Balls

P[edit source]

Pan Sola

W/Mo PaH Warrior


Pissed Was Monk


Pole Jab

Political Nightmare

Poor Leadership

Portable Was Ashley

Powerful Was Debbie

Prince Ruruk Fanclub

Pro Builds

Procrastination (Condition)


Q[edit source]

Keiko's Quotes

Auron's Quotes

R[edit source]

Rage Quit

Random was Izzy

Rant Template

Rational mending debate

Red Link Warning

Red Scorpion Wire

Remove Lagg

Resurrect Self

Reversal of Time

Ring Around the Rosie

Rise of the Ugly

Rurik's Bulwark

Russian Reversal

S[edit source]

Sexy Arrows

Scatter, Senbonzakura

Scourge Touch

Screaming Shyness

Scuza, the Power Hungry

Singet of 1337-speak

Signet of Anti-Deadly Arts

Signet of Capitals

Signet of Lag

Signet of PWNAGE

Signet of Roxxor

Signet of the Compiler

Silly IP, Vandalism's For Kids!

Midnight08's Userboxes

Silver Armor

Skuld, the Quick

Slayer's Spell

Smite of Balthazar

Smiter's Power

Smiting Fairies

Smoke a Cigar

Song of Regurgitation

Spartan (Build)

Spelling Mistake Correction

Spike Wave

Spirit of Eternal Suffering

Spirit of the Dead

Spirit of the Hawk

Spirit of the Tiger

Spoiler Warning (Template)

Staff of the Ancients

Skuld's Stereotypes

Storm of 1337

Straggled Was Professor Gay

Studious Was Fantana

Stuttering Was Fischer

Summon Greater Icon

Summon Roflcoptor

Summon Shrubbery

Summon Xunlai Chest

Super Ultra Colossal Crystaline Fiery Icy Dragon Sword

Swift Kick

T[edit source]

Temporal Ascension

Tempting Was Starbucks


That Is Not Cool

The Banhammer

The Boss

The Perfect Bomb

The Real Frenzy

The Real Maxed Titles Rank

The Warrior Union

Tinfoil Helm

Total Meltdown

Troll (Template)

Twinky Winky Was A Gay

U[edit source]

Uber Noob

Uber Wammo


Unfavor Stamp



Use MS Paint

Skill Box

Templates All About Me

Skill Box

V[edit source]

Vengeful was Kai

W[edit source]




Wail of PWNED

Ward Against Compromises

Ward Against Perverts

Warp Crush

Washu's Experimentations

Way of Andre

Weapon of Cheese

Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Pwnage Was Soy Oil

Well Kept Secret

Well of Death

Well of Déjá Vu

What Res?

What is a Grit?


Wild Stab

Wounded Alien Dude

Wrath of Skuld

Wrath of Speed

Wrathful was Verizon

Written By A Communist

X[edit source]

Xasxas the Troll

Xeeron's Signs of too much Guild Wars

Z[edit source]

Zerg Hydralisk

Zerris' Screenshots

Zidane's Headbutt #1

Zidane's Headbutt #2

Zidane's Headbutt #3