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IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. This is a chat service run on independent server networks since 1988. It requires no registration. GuildWiki users can use the #gwiki channel on the GameSurge network to talk to other GuildWiki users (including some admins and bureaucrats).

Getting connected[]

IRC in your browser[]

If your browser is Opera (or Firefox with Chatzilla installed), just click here.

To join the #GWiki IRC channel right now just go to this page, enter your nickname and click "Continue".

It's not GuildWiki radio or in-game all chat, more like Alliance chat in a not-so-active alliance: expect no reaction for 10 minutes or more even if you say "hallo", depending on who's online. It can be great fun with the right people, though.

You can change your nickname using the /nick yournamehere command, (reloading the page will also allow you to change your nickname - however it will disconnect you).

Type your chat on the line and press enter, works a bit like in-game chat, really. I'm afraid /dance won't work, but you can try /me is dancing.

IRC Client[]

An IRC client typically remembers your nick name, it allows easy access to multiple chats on multiple servers, can beep when someone mentions your name in chat, and more. If you find yourself using the browser-based IRC regularly, you should consider using a "real" IRC client.

For a listing of IRC commands, see here.

You may already be using software that can connect to IRC.

  • Some Instant Messaging programs already know IRC, especially the open source ones: Gaim/Pidgin, Miranda, and Trillian support the IRC protocol, and there may be others.
  • Your browser may have an integrated irc client (e.g. Opera 7.50 and above) or support an IRC extension (e.g. Chatzilla for Firefox) (→ short Chatzilla tutorial by Randomtime).
  • You can download a dedicated IRC client with a slate of options. Many people use mIRC, but have a look at wikipedia:Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients to find many more. Click on Date of latest to find actively supported versions.

The channels/networks[]

  • The #gwiki channel on the GameSurge network is the one voted by the community to be the main social channel for GuildWiki.
    • The GameSurge network is also home to the channels for Guild Wars Guru, PvX wiki, Guild Wars Wiki, and many guilds.

Registering your Nickname (optional)[]

You can register your nick name so that no other users can impersonate you, but that is entirely optional; to register your account with gamesurge, visit their account creation page and follow the instructions there. To log into your registered account, type

/msg auth <accountname> <accountpass>

Or on a client, you may type /Authserv auth <accountname> <accountpass>

once you have connected to gamesurge.

IRC Rules[]

#gwiki is not GuildWiki[]

What happens on IRC, stays on IRC!

The IRC channels are separate entities from the wiki. This means that GuildWiki policies do not apply to IRC, and by extension, users will not necessarily be banned from the wiki because of something that was said on IRC. Likewise, users who have been banned from GuildWiki will still be allowed to use the IRC channels. Lastly, users who are banned from one IRC channel should not be banned from the other channel for that reason alone.

Most importantly, though, this means that any discussions on IRC that pertain to GuildWiki can not be considered authoritative until the subject is posted on the wiki. This is required so that wiki editors who do not utilize the IRC channels can be given a chance to comment on the subject before any action is taken. If the issue concerns a minor change to an article, then it can simply be noted in the edit summary that the change was discussed on IRC. Otherwise, a summary of the IRC discussion should be posted to an appropriate talk page for further comments.


To add a userbox to your page indicating that you are a frequenter of our IRC channel, add {{User IRC}} to your userpage. You will automatically be placed in a category with other IRC users.

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