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The following rules are applied to all images and media uploaded to GuildWiki, any failure in these rules will result in the media being removed. The rules governing Guild Wars images are derived from ArenaNet's Terms of Use.

Guild Wars images[]

  • In-game screenshots: It is assumed that as a Guild Wars fansite, screenshots of the game are permissable under Fair use rules.
    • Screenshots, as well as any images derived from them, must not contain any credits, copyright details, or similar information within the image.
  • Fansite kit images: Images from the fansite kits have been released by ArenaNet for use by Guild Wars fansites. They must not be altered in any way.
  • Original Guild Wars artwork: Any artwork not released in the fansite kits is not permissable unless ArenaNet specifically grants permission for its use.
  • Magazine/website articles: Images appearing in magazine or website articles are usually released by ArenaNet for the exclusive use of said magazine/website. Such images are not permissable on GuildWiki.

All images[]

  • The use of images on Guildwiki is generally restricted to images related to Guild Wars. However, minor use of other images is acceptable on user pages and for user signatures. (Signature images must comply with additional regulations; see GW:SIGN.)
  • Images must be appropriate for a general audience. Pornographic or excessively violent images will be deleted immediately at the discretion of the admins, and the uploading of such is a bannable offense.
  • All images must have the correct licensing details given. Any image lacking licensing details will be marked as such and will be deleted if it remains unlicensed for seven (7) days.

Uploading images[]

When you upload an image to GuildWiki, you must provide the appropriate licensing details for the image. This can be selected from a drop-down box on the Special:Upload form. Note that some licensing templates require additional information that must be filled in after uploading the image - for details on the different licensing templates, see the GuildWiki:Image license guide.

If licensing details are not supplied on an uploaded image, any user can tag it with the following template:

{{Unattributed image|~~~~~}}

This will add the image to Category:Unattributed images. Images that remain in this category for more than 7 days will be deleted. The unattributed tag can be removed only when proper licensing details are added to the image.

For additional guidelines on uploading images, see GuildWiki:Style and formatting/Images.

Copyright violations[]

If you suspect an image of being in violation of copyright, add the following template to the image's page:

{{Copyvio|reference to image source or owner}}

This will add the image to Category:Suspected copyright violations, and an administrator will review the issue.

Deleting images[]

To mark an image for deletion, add the following template to the image's page. Be sure to give a clear reason for why the image is no longer needed on GuildWiki.

{{Delete|reason for deletion}}

This will add the image to Category:Candidates for deletion. Only administrators can actually delete images.

Moving or renaming images[]

To move/rename an image, follow these steps:

  1. Save the image to your computer.
  2. Upload it under the new file name.
  3. Mark the old image page with a {{delete}} tag noting that the image has been re-uploaded to a new name. For example:
{{Delete|This image has been renamed to [[Image:New image name.jpg]]}}



Images that appear in Special:Unusedimages and are older than 3 months will be deleted periodically. This page lists images that are not included on any articles on the wiki (in the form [[Image:Image name.jpg]]). Images that are not actively being used but should still be kept for archival purposes can be added to GuildWiki:Non-orphaned images.

Note: Images that are only linked to through text links (in the form [[:Image:Image name.jpg]]) will still show up on Special:Unusedimages. When performing the 3-month rolloff, admins will check to make sure images are not used in this manner before deleting them.

As noted above, images that are marked as unattributed will be deleted after 7 days. Category:Unattributed images

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