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Interwiki links are links pointing to external websites using an "internal link" syntax. This is made possible through the interwiki table, which maps a site's URL to a string that can be used as a prefix in the internal link syntax. (Both of the links in this introduction are interwiki links.)

Interwiki syntax[]

To create an interwiki link to a page on another site, use the internal link syntax (double square brackets [[ ]]) as if linking to the page name locally, but prefix the page name with that site's identifier from the interwiki table. For example, to link to the Guild Wars article on Wikipedia, you would write the link like this:

To create... ...use this code... ...which produces this result
A link to Wikipedia [[Wikipedia:Guild Wars]] Wikipedia:Guild Wars
A shorter link to Wikipedia [[WP:Guild Wars]] WP:Guild Wars
A link to Wikipedia with different display text [[WP:Guild Wars|Guild Wars on Wikipedia]] Guild Wars on Wikipedia
A link to Wikipedia's main page [[WP:|Wikipedia's Main Page]] Wikipedia's Main Page

A site can be defined in the interwiki table with multiple prefixes. As shown in the examples above, Wikipedia can be linked using both the full Wikipedia: prefix and the shorthand WP: prefix.

Interwiki prefixes are not case-sensitive, thus wikipedia:, Wikipedia:, WikiPedia, and WIKIPEDIA: are all interchangeable.

Commonly used interwikis[]

Guild Wars
Wikimedia foundation

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