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This project aims to improve the interlanguage links between GuildWiki and

Interlanguage links are links to pages on the German GuildWiki that are prefixed with de:, e.g. [[de:Hauptseite]]. Such a link would not appear on the page, but rather shown on the sidebar as deutsch in the "In other languages" section. It is also possible to link to different languages, e.g. fr: and es: .

To link to a page on German GuildWiki and have it show up in the text, prefix the link with a colon, e.g. [[:de:Hauptseite|German mainpage]].

On German GuildWiki, de:Vorlage:en is used for interlanguage linking.

Perpetual task


A lot of interlanguage links have been set up automatically by Dr ishmael after GuildWiki moved to The automated process has placed all links that linked German GuildWiki pages one to one to pages; the more complicated cases have been listed and left for this project to deal with.

  • /GWW-only - pages that link only to gww: and not to us. To do: Find or create appropriate pages or redirects here and edit to link to them.
  • /Sections - pages that link to a section on a page here. To do: Determine an appropriate link from to, usually to an overview page.
  • /Multiple - Multiple German pages link to an English page. To do: Find the best German page to link to. Sometimes this could be an overview page.
  • /Redirects - A page linked to a redirect on . Since a redirect page is usually not displayed, it makes no sense to place a language link on it. To do: Determine if there is a more suitable place from which to link to the German page.
  • /Missing - A page links to a page that is missing here, often because the page exists on gww: but not here. To do: Possible actions may be to create the page here (missing content), create a redirect here, or change the link to only point to gww: .

If links have been placed for any items on these lists, they can be deleted from the lists. If it has been decided that no useful link is possible right now, it should be <s>struck out</s>.