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This page describes a GuildWiki community project. For a list of all projects, see Category:Community projects


The Landmark standardization project aims to ensure that GuildWiki has articles for all notable landmarks in Guild Wars and that they follow a consistent style.

Primary benchmarks[]

Change the tickmark from empty to maybe or no (depending on status). Replace with Yes.png when completed.

Progress Goal Notes
Yes.png Start with list of GWW:Category:Landmarks done
Maybe.png Ensure that each has an article Yes.png exact matches are checked
Maybe.png GWW != GWiki names not yet checked
Empty.PNG Ensure that each article follows the style guide (below) started

List of landmarks[]


  • Status, using {{tick|STATE}}, where state = no, empty, maybe, or yes
    • Nope.png (no) = article is missing from Guild Wiki.
    • Empty.PNG (empty) = article exists, but hasn't been reviewed as part of this project.
    • Maybe.png (maybe) = reviewed article needs word, e.g. has {{section-stub}} or {{stub}}.
    • Yes.png (yes) = considered completed for this project (e.g fully validated against style guide or close enough for wiki work)
  • The list is arbitrarily divided into sub-tables for easier editing.
  • If the article names differ between GWW and GWiki,
    • Use <small>[[GWW:LANDMARK]]</small> in the GWW column
    • Use [[LANDMARK]] in the GWiki column


Status GWW Landmark name GWiki Landmark name
Nope.png 1,000 Daggers guild hall (same)
Empty.PNG Abaddon's Dead Children (same)
Nope.png Abaddon's Mouth (landmark) (same)
Nope.png Abandoned Botanicum (same)
Empty.PNG Aerie (same)
Empty.PNG Althea's Actors Stage (same)
Nope.png Am Fah's guild hall (same)
Empty.PNG Ancestor Tree (same)
Nope.png Apochryphal Fields (same)
Nope.png Arachnia Plateau (same)
Nope.png Arkona Hills (same)
Nope.png Arventa Wastes (same)
Empty.PNG Ascalon Settlement (same)
Nope.png Ascension runes (same)
Empty.PNG Ashford as Ashford Village
Empty.PNG Atrocity Library (same)
Nope.png Bahnelon River (same)
Nope.png Barradin's Vineyard (same)
Nope.png Battlements of Bec'qessor (same)
Nope.png Bihjok Estates (same)
Empty.PNG Bloodstone (same)
Empty.PNG Bokoss Prison (same)
Empty.PNG Bone Pits (same)
Nope.png Bottomless pit (same)
Nope.png Buhnlon Pools (same)
Nope.png Buk Wing (same)
Empty.PNG Burning Forest (same)
Empty.PNG Cathedral zu Heltzer (same)
Nope.png Chajok Field (same)
Nope.png Chakoss (same)
Empty.PNG Chaos Planes (same)
Nope.png Charelon Stream (same)
Nope.png Charr camp (same)
Empty.PNG Citadel of Dzagon (same)
Nope.png City of Ar'Challah (same)
Nope.png Corsair Beachhead (same)
Empty.PNG Creon Jade Mine (same)
Nope.png Crimson Skull camp (same)
Nope.png Cyclone Palace (same)


Nope.png Dah Wing (same)
Yes.png Daijun Library (same)
Empty.PNG Dakutu Village (same)
Empty.PNG Daochu Village (same)
Empty.PNG Darkhaven (same)
Nope.png Dek Wing (same)
Empty.PNG Demetra (same)
Nope.png Devourer cave (same)
Nope.png Devourer's Maw (same)
Yes.png Dinfang (same) (unreachable landmark)
Empty.PNG Door of Komalie (same)
Empty.PNG Drascir (same)
Nope.png Eastern Foothills (same)
Nope.png Eastern Polders (same)
Empty.PNG Egil's Perch (same)
Empty.PNG Elon (same)
Nope.png Elona Docks (same)
Nope.png Elonajok Hold (same)
Nope.png Fishing village (same)
Nope.png GWW:Fissure (NPC) suggested name: Hole of Istan (location)
(see Hole of Istan); see also Chasm and Crevasse
Empty.PNG Fissure Shore (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Flame Temple Flame Temple
Nope.png Flooded Jade Mine (same)
Nope.png Flooded Rianur (same)
Nope.png Foh Wing (same)
Empty.PNG Font of Lyss (same)
Empty.PNG Forest of the Wailing Lord (same)
Empty.PNG Forgotten Vale (same)
Yes.png Fort Fu (same) (unreachable landmark)
Empty.PNG Fortress of Jahai (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Fountain of Truth Fountain of Truth
Nope.png Freeman's Cove (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:The Gap Gap
Empty.PNG Ghachu Cave (same)
Empty.PNG Giant's Basin (same)
Nope.png Gidara (same)
Empty.PNG Gods' Vengeance (same)
Nope.png Golem Foundry (same)
Empty.PNG Graggult's Keep (same)
Empty.PNG Grand Forum of Vabb (same)
Nope.png Gray Oasis of Giyah (same)
Empty.PNG Great Battle Field (same)
Empty.PNG Great Margonite Temple (same)
Empty.PNG Great Northern Wall (same)
Empty.PNG Gursteig's Cavern (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Gwen's garden Gwen's Garden


Empty.PNG Haiju Lagoon (landmark) (same)
Empty.PNG Hakewood (same)
Empty.PNG Halcyon (same)
Empty.PNG Hall of Judgment (same)
Empty.PNG Halls of Chokhin (same)
Nope.png Halls of the Corsair Lords (same)
Empty.PNG Hammer Gate (same)
Nope.png Hanging Gardens of Jahin (same)
Empty.PNG Hanzing Pier (same)
Nope.png Harvestman's Lair (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Healing Spring Healing Spring (location)
Nope.png Hierophant Burntsoul's Stronghold (same)
Empty.PNG Horn Hill (same)
Nope.png Ice column dragon statue (same)
Empty.PNG Ice Wastes (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:The Iron Arch Iron Arch
Empty.PNG Iron Forgeman (same)
Nope.png Isle of the Bombard (same)
Empty.PNG Jade Arena (same)
Empty.PNG Jahinur (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Janthir Janthir
Empty.PNG Jatin Village (same)
Empty.PNG Jormag (same)
Empty.PNG Kaabo Cemetery (same)
Empty.PNG Kaanai Caverns (same)
Empty.PNG Kahnju Overlook (same)
Yes.png Kahnmaatu (same) (unreachable landmark)
Empty.PNG Kaitan Village (same)
Empty.PNG Kei Beach (same)
Empty.PNG King's Watch (same)
Nope.png Kossheh Monument (same)
Empty.PNG Kralkatorrik (same)
Empty.PNG Krok's Hollow (same)
Nope.png Kupungu Village (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:The Labyrinth Labyrinth
Empty.PNG Lake of Fire (same)
Empty.PNG Lake Puang (same)
Nope.png Lannur (same)
Empty.PNG Leech Tunnels (same)
Empty.PNG Linkei Township (same)
Empty.PNG Loamhurst (same)
Nope.png Lyssa's ice cave (same)


Empty.PNG Mahnkelon Ward (same)
Empty.PNG Mahnkelon Waterworks (same)
Empty.PNG Maladar's Fort (same)
Nope.png Malafarium (same)
Nope.png Marshal's Demense (same)
Nope.png Mehluh Anchorage (same)
Empty.PNG Mesa (same)
Nope.png Mighty Necropolis (same)
Empty.PNG Miki Lake (same)
Empty.PNG Minister Cho's Menagerie (same)
Nope.png Monument to Queen Nadijeh (same)
Nope.png Mopundar Ruins (same)
Empty.PNG Morzek Garrison (same)
Nope.png Mourning Veil Falls (landmark) (same)
Nope.png Najah Chasms (same)
Empty.PNG Nebo Village (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Nolani Nolani
Empty.PNG Onghsang Island (same)
Empty.PNG Onyx Gate (same)
Nope.png Petrified leviathan (same)
Nope.png Plaza of Art (same)
Nope.png Plaza of Coins (same)
Nope.png Plaza of Corrupt Dreams (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Plaza of the Five Gods Plaza of the Five Gods
Nope.png Plinth of the Damned (same)
Nope.png Pojah Estates (same)
Nope.png Pojahelon (same)
Empty.PNG Port Kaimu (same)
Empty.PNG Primordus (same)
Empty.PNG Qi Falls (same)
Empty.PNG Rabbit hole (same)
Empty.PNG Raiyan Cave (same)
Nope.png Renk's laboratory (same)
Empty.PNG Rijeka River (same)
Empty.PNG Rin (same)
Empty.PNG River of Souls (same)
Empty.PNG Ronjok (same)
Nope.png Ruins of Isanur (same)


Empty.PNG Sebelkeh Basilica (same)
Nope.png Seborhin tree (same)
Empty.PNG Seijun Woods (same)
Empty.PNG Shaemoor (same)
Nope.png Sharkfin Ferry (same)
Empty.PNG Shing Jea Dojo (same)
Nope.png GWW:Shining Blade camp Shining Blade Camp
Empty.PNG Shrine of Maat (same)
Empty.PNG Shrine of the Raven Spirit (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Shrine of the Wolf Spirit Shrine of the Wolf Spirit
Nope.png Shrine of the Traitors (same)
Empty.PNG Sizhou Hall (same)
Nope.png Skeletal Court (same)
Nope.png Solitude Plinth (same)
Empty.PNG Sorrow's Belly (same)
Nope.png Soulweir (same)
Empty.PNG Spawning Pools (same)
Empty.PNG Spider Cave (same)
Nope.png Statue of female Warrior (same)
Nope.png Statue of Glint (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:The Stone Basilica Stone Basilica
Nope.png Sunspear Excavation (same)
Nope.png Sunspear Memorial (same)
Empty.PNG Surmia (same)


Empty.PNG Tei Lake (same)
Empty.PNG GWW:Teipao Island Teipoa Island (typo?)
Empty.PNG Temku Caverns (same)
Empty.PNG Temple of Ascension (same)
Nope.png Temple of Balthazar (same)
Nope.png Temple of Grenth (same)
Nope.png Temple of the Dredge (landmark) (same)
Empty.PNG Temple of the Unseen (same)
Empty.PNG Temple of Tolerance (same)
Empty.PNG Temple of War (same)
Nope.png The Bone Spires (same)
Empty.PNG The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx (building) (same)
Nope.png (none) The Falls (landmark)
The interactive object/waterfall in The Falls.
Nope.png The Frost Gate (landmark) (same)
Nope.png The Lupicus Boneyard (same)
Nope.png The Malignant Shrine (same)
Empty.PNG The Roost (same)
Nope.png The Screaming Spans (same)
Empty.PNG The Secret Garden (same)
Nope.png The Shattered Guildhall (same)
Nope.png The Spider's Heart (same)
Nope.png The Watchmen (same)
Empty.PNG Throne of Pellentia (same)
Empty.PNG Tomaat Pass (same)
Nope.png Tomb of the Three Worthies (same)
Nope.png GWW:Tower of Courage (landmark) Tower of Courage (location)
Nope.png GWW:Tower of Strength (landmark)/ Tower of Strength (location)
Nope.png Traitor's Tomb (same)
Empty.PNG Twin Serpent Mountains (same)
Empty.PNG Ullen River (same)
Nope.png Vale of Shadows (same)
Nope.png Venta Flats (same)
Nope.png Ventari's sanctuary (same)
Empty.PNG Vision Crystal (same)
Nope.png Vohlon Estuary (same)
Empty.PNG Volsung's Stead (same)
Empty.PNG Vortex (same)
Empty.PNG Wahju Falls (same)
Nope.png Western Polders (same)
Nope.png Wizard's Folly Tower (same)
Empty.PNG Wizard's Tower (same)
Nope.png Wreck of the Resplendent Peace (same)
Nope.png Xunlai headquarters (same)
Empty.PNG Yundin Circle (same)
Empty.PNG Yuroso Island (same)
Nope.png Zelbahn Garrison (same)
Empty.PNG Zhengjo Temple (same)
Nope.png Zinn's Laboratory (same)
Empty.PNG Zuuyun Point (same)


Style guide[]

Substitute the landmark's name for [POI]. Replace other CAPITALized text with appropriate language.

{{location box
 |image=[[Image:[POI].jpg|200px|The [THING] at [POI].]]
 |map=[[Image:[POI] Path.jpg|200px|Getting to [POI]]]

== Description ==


<!-- Use the following section only if there are 2-3 applicable sentences, otherwise, include in description -->== NPCs ==
{{section-stub|follow the explorable area NPC style}}

<!-- Use the following section only if there are 2-3 applicable sentences, otherwise, include in description -->== Quests ==
{{section-stub|follow the explorable area quests-in-the-area style}}

<!-- Use the following section *unless* there are extenuating circumstances -->== Getting there ==
{{section-stub|describe route in the map, hardships along the way}}

== Notes ==
* See also: [[:Image:PARENT AREA MAP.jpg|Map of PARENT area]].