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This page describes a GuildWiki community project. For a list of all projects, see Category:Community projects


This project was completed on or about December 2009.
Good job!


The New Henchman Project aims to ensure that all the new PvP henchmen are added to the wiki and that the relevant articles are updated to include them.

Update related pages[]

Strike out (like this) as you complete any item on the list:

  • Outposts for PvP arenas that allow hench should be updated
    • (insert list of such articles here)


Strike out (like this) as you complete any item on the list:


  • Use the {{Section-stub}} for any incomplete sections.
  • If possible, try to use a single sentence description,
  • Remember to give credit the player who named the skillbar for both skills and name,

New Pages Yes.png[]

All new pages have been created!

  • The henchman pages will show redlinks if they don't exist and blue if they do.
  • Use the {{Tick| Yes}} to show that at least one person has reviewed a page before unstubbing.
  • Add notes (if any) to help us keep track of what's missing
  • Create new articles (one per hench) (each article should include a {{Stub}} until reviewed by at least one other contributor (veteran or not)
    • Should have these sections: Description (see below), Location, Dialogue, Skills used, Evaluation, Trivia (how named)

Guild Hall Hench Yes.png[]

Hench Reviewed? Notes Emotes seen
Aurora Allesandra Yes.png 1
Bellicus Yes.png 0
Blenkeh Yes.png 0
Cassie Santi Yes.png 1
Dahlia Yes.png 0
Dirk Shadowrise Yes.png 0
Disenmaedel Yes.png 1
Errol Hyl Yes.png 0
Hinata Yes.png 1
Julyia Yes.png 2
Kah Xan Yes.png 1
Lulu Xan Yes.png 1
Luzy Fiera Yes.png 2
Motoko Kai Yes.png 0
Narcissia Yes.png 0
Pudash Yes.png Good example to copy; only missing an "Evaluation" section before unstubbing. 2
Redemptor Frohs Yes.png 0
Tannaros Yes.png 1
Vincent Evan Yes.png Unique model 2
Zen Siert Yes.png 2

Heroes Ascent Hench Yes.png[]

Hench Reviewed? Notes Emotes seen
Adepte Yes.png 2
Alsacien Yes.png Unique model 2
Bacchi Coi Yes.png 2
Blahks Yes.png 2
Cole Yes.png 2
Daky Yes.png 3
Divinus Tutela Yes.png 2
Erick Yes.png 2
Fuu Rin Yes.png 3
Ghavin Yes.png 2
Haldibarn Earendul Yes.png Unique model 2
Hobba Inaste Yes.png 2
Khai Kemnebi Yes.png Semi-unique model 3
Lora Lanaya Yes.png 2
Nuno Yes.png 2
Rollo Lowlo Yes.png Unique model 2
Suzu Yes.png Unique model 2
Syn Spellstrike Yes.png 2
Teena the Raptor Yes.png 2
Uto Wrotki Yes.png 2