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The MediaWiki software allows administrators to set protection levels on an individual article, limiting the ability of different groups of users to create, edit, and/or move that article.

An existing article page may be protected if:

  • The page is the target of repeated vandalism and is sufficiently complete that the likelihood of useful edits is very small.
  • The page is an authoritative document on an internal GuildWiki issue, such as a policy statement.
  • (User: namespace) A user requests protection of their own userpage or user talkpage for a sufficiently serious reason.
  • (Template: namespace) The template is used extensively throughout the wiki.

A non-existent article title can be pre-emptively protected if:

  • The title is an offensive word or phrase.
  • The article has been repeatedly deleted for having no appropriate content.
  • (File: namespace) The file has been repeatedly uploaded even though the filename violates GuildWiki's file naming guidelines.

Usually, only the article itself is protected, allowing potential changes to be discussed on the article's talk page. In cases where the talk page is protected, the article can be discussed on the Community Portal.

For a list of currently protected pages and titles, see Special:ProtectedPages and Special:ProtectedTitles.