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Original builds are not going to be a hosted by the build section (see NOB), instead they will be relegated to the User space. This policy describes the mechanisms how User Pages can be linked into the build name space.


The system is similar to the way publishers work. Builds are created by authors and submitted to the editor of a Workshop, first the editor makes the build link available on his workshop page so that the community can make comments give advice/suggestion to the writer of the build. After some time the editor decides the fate of the build using to the policy of the Workshop (to be created by the editor).

  • The community is not divided into users and editors, because any wiki user can be an editor.
  • Guildwiki will have a Build Discussions (Builds Libraries /Build Workshops) page, where the Workshops are listed according to their popularity (reader feedback) and scope (profession, category). The list is refreshed monthly.
  • Initially, the only marketing tool that these workshops may have in order to gain popularity is the name of the editor and the scope of the library. Editors may invite reviewers who help them in the decisions. Eventually these workshops will establish a “brand name” that readers will look for, and differentiates them from the other Workshops.

Submission Steps[]

  1. The author creates the build on the User page and sends the link to the editor.
  2. Editor places the link into his “open for discussion” section.
  3. Wiki users comment the builds on the build discussion page.
  4. The editor (or his/her reviewers) decide the fate of the build according to the policy of the Workshop.
  5. If the build is accepted, it is linked (or moved) to the library of the Workshop.


  • The system gives a great deal of freedom to the editors but the authors are free to choose among the editors.
  • The popularity list on the Build Discussions page has to encourage competition, but it should not prevent flexibility (at this point it is difficult to predict what the scopes of the journals will be: general/single character/team/single profession/etc).