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This page is an official policy on GuildWiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please use the talk page to propose changes.


A redirect is when one article name automatically directs the viewer to another article. They are commonly used when articles are moved, or when one article has many equally valid names.


To create a redirect, you place the command #REDIRECT followed by the link the article should redirect to. For example, the redirect Amnoon Oasis has the following text:

#REDIRECT [[The Amnoon Oasis]]

This causes the user to see The Amnoon Oasis instead, with a short notice that they were redirected from Amnoon Oasis.

If a redirect article needs to be in a category, you can put the category links on lines after the redirect link. For example, the term GvG is an abbreviation, and needs to show up in Category:Abbreviations. However, the actual content somebody is interested in is located in the article Guild versus Guild. To create this redirect, the following command is used:

#REDIRECT [[Guild versus Guild]]


You can list as many categories as needed (depending on the type of article).

When to use redirects[]

In general, the following situations involve a redirect:


  • The redirect for capitalization is only needed for articles of three words or more that have mixed capitalization - articles of two words or less, or articles that have all words with the same capitalization will already be located correctly by the search box.
  • The redirect for both plurals and for capitalization variances should always be on a version of the name in all lowercase - the logic built into the search tool will then find the article regardless of the capitalization used in the search.
  • When articles are moved, redirects from the old name to the new name are automatically created. If the article is somewhat popular (i.e., it's reasonable to assume one might have a bookmark directly to the article), it's appropriate to leave the redirect in place, or put a message stating that the article has been moved and that the redirect will be deleted soon (a couple weeks, at most).

When not to use redirects[]

The following sorts of redirects will be speedily deleted (these links are red because the redirects don't exist!):

  • Unverifiable colloquialisms: Prince of Noobs → Prince Rurik
  • Redirects to user namespace: There should be no redirects from any other namespace over to the user name space.
  • Redirects for capitalization when the article name is only two words or has all words in the same case: Charr carving → Charr Carving; Destructive was glaive → Destructive Was Glaive.

Some exceptions to this list exist for usability reasons; however, new exceptions should not be created without first discussing it on this talk page.

Note: Plurals and non-infinitive verb forms can usually be emulated in wiki markup by adding the ending after the wiki-link, for example [[attack]]ing will be displayed as: attacking