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Standard Glossary[edit source]

Health Loss[edit source]

The following are special classes of ways a creature can lose health. Health loss can include zero.

health loss caused by offensive attacks and skills. It can be reduced by protective skills such as Protective Spirit and Shielding Hands.
Life stealing 
health loss caused by transferring health from the target to the user. There is no way to reduce life stealing.
voluntary reduction of a user's health as a side effect for other purposes. It can be exacerbated by skills such as Dark Aura and Scourge Sacrifice.
Health degeneration 
continuous loss of health at a specific rate over a period of time.

General - some skills simply cause a creature to lose health, without being one of the special types above.

Damage Descriptors[edit source]

Take damage 
damage that ignores armor.
Strike for damage 
damage that meets armor

Skill Activation[edit source]

Start casting 
triggered at the beginning of a skill activation.
Finish casting 
triggered at the end of the skill's activation.