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Style guides

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This page is a style and formatting guideline on GuildWiki.

It has general acceptance among editors and is considered a standard to which articles should adhere. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

General Guidelines[]

The following guidelines apply specifically for articles on Heroes. Other NPC types should refer to the general NPC guidelines.

Also refer to the NPC guidelines for details not mentioned here, although this takes precedence if there is a conflict.


{{character-stub}}   <-- this indicates a new article, remove if hero is sufficiently detailed
{{BeastInfo | image = [[Image:My Hero.jpg|128px]]
            | species = [[Human]]
            | prof = [[Warrior]]
            | icon = [[Image:Warrior-icon.png]]
            | level = 2...20}}
A brief description or explanation.

Add any official lore information here, grouped by source.

If none, a write-up of this hero's history or relevance is welcome.

Explain how to recruit or unlock this hero. Link to any relevant quests or missions.

Add a screenshot of the in-game hero unlocked message if possible.

==Missions and quests==    <-- do not omit, add a comment indicating the non-involvement
:''<sup>R</sup> indicates that My Hero must be in the party''

===Missions involved in===    <-- omit if none, sort by storyline
*[[My Hero Required in Party]] <sup>R</sup>
*[[My Hero Not Required in Party but Involved]]

===Quests given===    <-- omit if none, sort by storyline
*[[Quest 1 My Hero Gives]] <sup>R</sup>
*[[Quest 2 My Hero Gives]] <sup>R</sup>

===Quests involved in===    <-- omit if none, sort by storyline
*[[My Hero Involved, Not Required in Party]]
*[[My Hero Involved, Required in Party]] <sup>R</sup>

*[[Region 1]]
**[[Explorable Area 1]] (some special condition)
**[[Location 1]]
*[[Region 2]]
**[[Location 2]]

Detail the hero's armor, such as the names, skins, and stats that depend on the hero's level.

If the armor's apperance can be upgraded, explain where to upgrade and what it upgrades to.

See also: [[My Hero/Armor Gallery]]   <-- optional

==Default skills==    <-- list the skills that the hero has when first unlocked
*{{skill icon|"Watch Yourself!"}}
*{{skill icon|Final Thrust}}
*{{skill icon|Healing Signet}}
*{{skill icon|Power Attack}}
*{{skill icon|Resurrection Signet}}
*{{skill icon|Sever Artery}}

Location 1:
:''"Add all dialogue (response to mouse clicks) here."''

Area 2:
:''"Group the dialogue by location or area if necessary"''


===Idle quotes===
A hero's idle quote changes as the player progresses along the primary quests and missions:

[[Primary Quest 1]]:
*''"Hero idle quotes are known to change based on active primary quest or mission."''

[[Mission 1]]:
*''"Do attempt to note the primary quest or mission when adding new quotes so they can be grouped."''

Other idle quotes:
*''"Quotes without an obvious association should listed as a miscellanous grouping."''

===Battle quotes===
*''"List quotes during battles here."''
*''"Avoid adding quotes and dialogue that are used only during a mission or quest trigger."''

==Notes==    <-- omit if none
*Any relevant game-related note or comment. Avoid subjective notes.

==Trivia==    <-- omit if none
*Trivia information should be separated from notes. Trivia always comes after notes.

[[Category:Heroes]] [[Category:Quest givers (Nightfall)]] [[Category:Quest NPCs (Nightfall)]] [[Category:Command Post]] [[Category:Throne of Secrets]] [[Category:Order of the Sunspears]]

Section explanations[]

Most of the general guidelines are mentioned in the template above. The following explanations and clarifications are to be taken in addition to those in the template.

The following are the major sections that comprise a hero article:

  1. Lore
    Do not forget to mention sources.
  2. Recruitment
    Note the quest or mission which rewards with recruitment. There is no need to provide a walkthrough here.
  3. Missions and Quests
    Missions or quests where the hero is required in the party should be marked as such.
  4. Location
    Regions should be sorted by storyline. Locations are sorted alphabetically.
  5. Armor
  6. Default Skills
    Use the {{skill icon}} template to list the skills. Sort them alphabetically, with double quotes sorted before alphabets.
  7. Dialogue
    If grouped by location, sort them by storyline.
    Sort the idle quotes by storyline, the battle quotes alphabetically.
  9. Notes
    Omit if none.
  10. Trivia
    Omit if none.

There is a top-level paragraph containing a short description of the hero above the Lore section. Only the Notes and Trivia sections are optional; the rest must be present.

Note that unlike general NPC articles, where different versions of an NPC are separated, hero articles do not have that distinction. Details before and after recruitment are not separately mentioned. For example, the Missions and Quests section should list all associated missions and quests, regardless of whether the hero was involved as an NPC or a hero in the party.


The guidelines for categories are the same as for general NPCs. See this section of the NPC guidelines for details on how to apply categories.