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Style guides

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This page is a style and formatting guideline on GuildWiki.

It has general acceptance among editors and is considered a standard to which articles should adhere. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about the different items in Guild Wars.

Salvage Items[]

Salvage Items come in two types, the "Salvage armor" that are not stackable and the "Salvageable remains" e.g. hides/meat/webs, which are stackable.

Note: Charr Hide and Candy Cane Shard are special cases as these items are both Salvage Items and Collectable Drops and their pages follow the formatting for Collectable Drops and not Salvage Items.

Syntax and Example[]

Armor type[]

{{SalvageItem|[[Image: Salvage Heavy Armor.JPG / Salvage Medium Armor.jpg / Salvage Light Armor.jpg]]}}

[[Stalker Armor]]s are Salvage Items dropped by Charr rangers.

==Sell value==
Varies: 2-11 [[gold]]

==What drops it==
*[[Charr Hunter]]
*[[Charr Stalker]]
*[[Charr Stalker Lord]]

==[[Crafting material]] it can salvage into==
===[[Common crafting material]]s===
*[[Tanned Hide Square]]

===[[Rare crafting material]]s===
*[[Leather Square]]

<!--Categories below this line--->
[[Category:Contains hide]] [[Category:Contains leather]]

Remains type[]

{{SalvageItem|[[Image: Salvage Hide.jpg / Salvage Rolled Hide.jpg / Salvage Web.jpg / Salvage Meat.jpg]]}}

[[Spider Web]]s are Salvage Items dropped by pre-Searing spiders.

Spider Webs are stackable. 

==Sell value==
3 [[gold]]

==What drops it==
*[[Deadly Crypt Spider]]
*[[Giant Needle Spider]]
*[[Giant Tree Spider]]

==[[Crafting material]] it can salvage into==
===[[Common crafting material]]s===
*[[Pile of Glittering Dust]]

===[[Rare crafting material]]s===
*[[Bolt of Silk]]

<!--Categories below this line--->
[[Category:Contains dust]]
[[Category:Contains silk]]

Basic Outline[]

SalvageItem Template[]

Use the Template:SalvageItem to create the info box. This will automatically put the item in the Category:Salvage Items. There are many different images used for these items. They can all be found on the Salvage Items page where they have been broken out by Campaign.


A brief description should then be entered, this does not need to go into much depth and should only be a sentence or so long. This does not need its own subsection.

Sell value[]

All of these types of salvage items will have variable sell values, this should be recorded as "Varies: Range" If you have multiple put in your lowest and highest values for the range, people can update it as higher/lower value ones are found. If you only have one, put in the value for that one. If you have none to check the value of, just putting in "Varies" will do.

Note: The sell value should be without the item being identified. This will usually only increase the value by a small amount, unless there is a rune attached in which case it can increase the value by quite a bit.

What drops it[]

List of the creatures that drop it, in alphabetical order.

Bosses should not be listed here UNLESS the boss is the only one who drops the item. For example the Shiverpeak Necromancer Tunic is only dropped by bosses as there are currently no normal Shiverpeak Centaurs that are Necromancers.

Crafting material it can salvage into[]

A listing of the different crafting materials that can be salvaged from the item. They should be separated into Common and Rare crafting material subsections and alphabetized in each subsection. There is no need to include the quantities of these materials that are salvaged as that can vary wildly and be dependent on the type of salvage kit used.


For each type of crafting material [[Category:Contains xxx]] should be added, where the xxx is replaced by the short name of the material. See Category:Items for a list of these categories.