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Style guides

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This page is a style and formatting guideline on GuildWiki.

It has general acceptance among editors and is considered a standard to which articles should adhere. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about missions in Guild Wars. This information should be taken into account along with the more general information in GuildWiki:Style and formatting.


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{{Location_Info| title = Mission Title}}
{{Explorable_info|title = Mission Title}}
[[Image:mission_map.jpg|thumb|200x200px|right|Mission map]]
<!-- Mission description, copied verbatim from in-game -->
* Objective 1
* Objective 2
* '''ADDED''' Objective 1.
* '''BONUS''' Objective 1.

<!-- This section is only applicable for campaigns that have different reward levels.
List the criteria and the rewards for the different objectives.
Preferably make use of the Mission_rewards template: -->

{{Mission rewards|Objective = Mission completion time   <-- Factions / Nightfall
                 |Standard = > 25 minutes
                 |Expert = < 25 minutes 
                 |Master =  < 20 minutes}}

{{Mission rewards (EotN)                                <-- Eye of the North
  | Reputation = Asura | Dwarven | Norn | Vanguard
  | NormalFirstTime = 1000
  | NormalRepeat = 100
  | HardFirstTime = 1500
  | HardRepeat = 150

<!-- A thorough description of the steps needed for completing the mission. -->

<!-- Tips and tactics for completing the mission at max reward level, in order to collect a point for the "Protector" title. -->

===Hard Mode===
<!-- Additional information on completing the mission on hard mode -->

<!-- List all creatures found in the mission -->
**{{e}}18 [[Headmaster Vhang]]
**{{e}}18 [[Hero]]
**{{e}}20 [[Cynn]]
**{{rt}}20 [[Master Togo]]
**{{mo}}20 [[Zunraa]]
<!-- A list of regular foes (not bosses) encountered in the mission: -->
**{{w}}14,15 [[Afflicted Warrior]]
**{{r}}14 [[Afflicted Ranger]]
===Bosses ((elite) skill captures)===
<!-- A list of bosses and (elite) skills that can be captured in this mission. -->
**{{w}}20 [[The Afflicted Maaka]] &rarr; ([[Enraged Smash]])
**{{n}}20 [[Afflicted Necromancer]]
***[[Blood Bond]]
***[[Blood Drinker]]

<!-- Transcription of any relevant dialogues or cinematics. -->

===Inside the mission===
<div class=dialogue>
<name>: ''Text''

<NPC name>: ''more text''


===Intermediate cutscene 1===  <!-- no number if there's just one -->
<div class=dialogue>

===Ending cutscene===
<div class=dialogue>

<!-- List the location that players end up in after completing the mission and how to proceed (usually with a Primary Quest): -->
*Upon completion of the mission players will find themselves in: [[Ran Musu Gardens]] 
*To continue the storyline, take on the following [[Primary Quest]]: [[Warning the Tengu]]

<!-- Any additional notes that are not covered by the walkthrough, f.i. side-quests, trivia, glitches etc. -->

<!-- Categories --> 
<!-- Category for campaign -->
[[Category:Prophecies missions]] OR [[Category:Factions missions]] OR etc.
<!-- Category for mission type -->
[[Category:Elite missions]] OR [[Category:Cooperative missions]] OR etc.


Use the location info template to point users to the mission location page. Include an image link to the uploaded mission map. The map should contain the path markers for both the mission and the bonus.


List the description and objectives as shown in the Guild Wars log window during the mission.


If mission has different reward levels, include a list of the criteria and the rewards for the different objectives.


Include a complete listing of the steps needed, along with some basic strategy. Also make sure to note any peculiarities, such as any quest items, bugs, or potential problems. etc. References to the mission map should be stated in red location markers (A, B, C, ...). The mission path on the map should be left as red dots.


As per the explanation for the primary objective, but make sure to identify the points where the quest objectives divert from the main mission path. Also, the location markers should be in green numbers (1, 2, 3, ...) and the path markers changed to green dots.


A list of all possible NPCs, monsters and bosses found througout the misson. Group all creatures alphabetically by species. Then order by profession (Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, Elementalist, Assassin, Ritualist, Paragon, Dervish), level, and name. See the template above for an example.

You can list any non-elite skills that are interesting to cap such as skills that are otherwise unavailable until much later in the game. Multiple skills should be listed in a new tier of the unordered list. Again, see the template for an example. Elite skills should always be listed. If possible, mark the locations of the boss in light blue (E1, E2, E3) on the map. If the path to the boss is outside the normal mission or bonus path, mark the path using light blue dots.


All dialogues as seen in the misson can be placed here. Try to post dialogues in the same order as they appear in the mission. Only use sub-headers for cutscene dialogues. If applicable, place a link to the NPC giving the debriefing. Put a <div class="dialogue"> and a final </div> inside each section. The page would display ok with just a single div around all of the dialogue sections, but then the edit section previews would not show up correctly. The speaker names are automatically bold, but you need to use '' to mark the spoken text. Don't use quotation marks (") to mark spoken text.


Note the town/outpost where the player will be after finishing the mission and who to talk to in order to continue the main storyline.


Include a description of any additional information for the mission. This could be side quests found in the mission, relations to other quests, storyline anomalies, or even trivia. Use the red mission path and location markers when referencing the map. Only include information that contributes to the mission or mission lore.

Don't forget to include the category links (i.e. [[Category:Prophecies Missions]]) at the bottom of the article.