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Style guides

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This page is a style and formatting guideline on GuildWiki.

It has general acceptance among editors and is considered a standard to which articles should adhere. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about Quests in Guild Wars.

Syntax and example[]

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#List of objectives from the Quest Log.

===Obtained from===
:Who gives this quest and where

===Requirements===   <!-- omit if none -->
:Any quests or actions that need to be satisfied before this one is given
:This might include professions, i.e. some quests are only available to Monks, some only to Rangers

:*? [[XP]]
:*? [[Gold]]
::{{w}} [[Cyclone Axe]]
::{{mo}} [[Protective Spirit]]
::<Item stats>
::<Item stats>

===Preliminary Dialogue===  <!-- omit if none -->
<div class="dialogue">
:<NPC name>: ''Lines spoken by NPC(s) before a quest will become attainable.''

===Acceptance Dialogue===
<div class="dialogue">
''What the quest giving character says in the Quest Log.''

Accept: ''Option to take the quest.'' 
Reject: ''Option to refuse taking the quest.'' 

===Intermediate Dialogue 1,2,3... (<NPC Name>)=== <!-- when in a dialogue window -->
<div class="dialogue">
''Some quests require you to talk to someone first. Note their dialogue here.''

Player response: ''Include only when the dialogue window has an option for the player to give a response.''

===Intermediate Dialogue 1,2,3...=== <!-- when "spoken" in a voice-bubble &/or chat window -->
<div class="dialogue">
<NPC name>: ''Some quests have lines spoken by NPC(s). Note their dialogue here.''

===Cinematic Dialogue===     <!-- omit if none -->
<div class="dialogue">
<NPC name>: ''Lines spoken during an in-game cinematic / cut-scene.''

===Reward Dialogue===
''What does the NPC say when you pick up your quest reward.''

==Followup==   <!-- omit if none -->
What other quests become available after finishing this one?

An explanation on how this quest can be completed or strategies that can be used.

*Bulletpointed comments about the quest, noteworthy events etc

[[Category:Prophecies/Factions/Nightfall/Battle Isles quests]]

Basic Outline[]



Briefly describe the quest, or provide the list of tasks required for completion of the quest. Each line should end with a period (".").

Obtained from

Provide the name and location of the NPC that gives the player the quest. Terms occuring both here and in the Summary section should be wikified here only. Do not end each line with a period (".").


List the dependencies for activation of the quest. For example, a quest may require a certain profession or hero be present, or a quest may require the completion of another quest. A period (".") should not be included at the end of each line. This section shouldn't exist if it has no requirements.


List the rewards gained from completion of the quest. For example, experience points, items, and skills are legitimate rewards. Profession-specific skill rewards should be noted (in same order as in-game, ie, {{w}}, {{r}}, {{mo}}, {{n}, {{me}}, {{e}}, {{a}}, {{rt}}, {{p}}, {{d}}, or use {{common}} if the skill is available to all professions).

Preliminary Dialogue

In some cases, NPCs will enguage in a conversation before a quest becomes available to the player to take. The name of the NPC should be provided, and each "spoken" line of their dialogue italicized, and in quotes on separate lines.


Provide the in-game quest text from the Quest Log, italicized, and in quotes. If the quest giver uses that player's name, this is shown by writing <name>. E.g. "Hi <name> can you help me?". Green and red text is rendered bold. Use the exact spelling and punctuation, unusual spelling and punctuation can be denoted with {{sic}}.

Intermediate Dialogue 1,2,3... (<NPC Name>)

If the quest requires speaking to a NPC and their dialogue appears in a window, include the text from that window italicized, and in quotes. In some cases a single "player response" is available, or two accept/reject options, these should be included as well.

Intermediate Dialogue 1,2,3...

At times, there can be dialogue between NPCs, or the NPC and the party leader (either as a "voice-bubble" above the head and/or appears in the chat window), these should be included with the NPC's name (or use "<party leader>" if is the player speaking) in italics and quotes.

Cinematic Dialogue

Include the in-game cut-scenes text with the name of the NPC speaking, and their spoken words in italics and quotes. Use "<party leader>" to denote when the party's leader speaks. To get this dialogue, is best done by pressing the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard each time a new line of cinematic dialogue is spoken and then reviewing the screen captures after.


List all quests that become available after this one is finished. This section shouldn't exist if no followups.


Include a complete listing of the steps needed, along with some basic strategy. Also make sure you note any peculiarities: If you need an item, etc.


The category a quest article should be put in is dependent on which Campaign the quest is from. If the quest name starts with a "A", "An", or "The" (for example; "The Missing Lefthanded Screwdriver"), then add the following line (without the quotes), "{{DEFAULTSORT:Missing Lefthanded Screwdriver, The}}" so is sorted correctly in the category list. Place it just above the categories so can be easily located.

Additional categories can be specified, like: