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Style guides

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This page is a style and formatting guideline on GuildWiki.

It has general acceptance among editors and is considered a standard to which articles should adhere. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception.

This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about Towns, Outposts and Mission locations in Guild Wars. This information should be taken into account along with the more general information in GuildWiki:Style and formatting.


{{location box
| name = Location name  <-- optional, defaults to page name
| image = [[Image:image name.jpg]]
| campaign = Campaign name
| type = [[Town]] or [[Outpost]] or [[Mission location]]
| parent = [[Region]]
| neighbors = comma-separated exits or reachable locations}}  <-- omit to indicate "None"
{{mission info | title = Location name}}  <-- only use if there is a corresponding mission area
{{explorable info | title = Location name}}  <-- only use if there is a corresponding explorable area
''The in-game description given when you click on the icon in the map screen.''

A more detailed description can be added as additional paragraphs (not italicized).

==Getting there==
An explanation on how to get there. Include any differences for characters of other campaigns.

*[[Exit 1]]
*[[Exit 2]]
*[[Exit 3]] (gate is blocked until you have completed [[Mission 1 (mission)]])
*[[Exit 4]] by talking to [[NPC]] after receiving the quest [[Quest name]]

<!-- Remove any grouping or type which doesn't apply -->
**[[Name]] ([[Armor crafter]])
**[[Name]] (Armor crafter)
**[[Name]] (Armor crafter)
**[[Name]] ([[Artisan]])
**[[Name]] ([[Weaponsmith]])
**[[Name]] ([[Allegiance]])
**[[Name]] ([[Faction Rewards]])
**[[Name]] ([[Faction Transfer]])
**[[Name]] ([[Priest of Balthazar]])
**[[Discount Merchant]]
**[[Fireworks Master]]
*[[Guild]] services:
**[[Name]] ([[Guild Emblemer]])
**[[Name]] ([[Guild Hall]])
**[[Name]] ([[Guild Registrar]])
*[[Henchmen]] (Level X):
**{{w}}[[Name]] (type)
**{{r}}[[Name]] (type)
**{{mo}}[[Name]] (type)
**{{n}}[[Name]] (type)
**{{me}}[[Name]] (type)
**{{e}}[[Name]] (type)
*[[Merchant]]s and [[Trader]]s:
**[[Name]] (Merchant)
**[[Name]] ([[Dye Trader]]) 
**[[Name]] ([[Material Trader]])
**[[Name]] ([[Rare Material Trader]])
**[[Name]] ([[Rune Trader]])
**[[Xunlai Agent]] (Storage)
**[[Name]] ([[Skill trainer]])
**[[Name]] ([[Arena Guard]])
**[[Name]] ([[Guild Emblemer]])
**[[Name]] ([[Guild Registrar]]) 
**[[Name]] ([[Skill Trainer]])

{{:Location Name/Quests}}
or (if there are only one or two and no sub-page has been created)
*[[Quest giver]]: [[Quest name]]
*[[Quest giver]]: [[Quest name]]

Anything of interest regarding this town that should be of note.

Trivial things concerning the name or town concept.

[[Category:Region]] [[Category:Type (Campaign)]]



Location box[]

This box should have the basic info for the town, including the picture from the world map, the campaign, the type of location (Town/Outpost/Mission location), and all the areas that you can get to by exiting this area.

In the case of any location that has additional areas with the same name (mission or explorable areas) use the appropriate templates: mission info and/or explorable info.


Add the description from the world map in italics. Any other detailed description can be added after that.

Getting there[]

Description on how to get there. Do remember to note any special conditions for characters of different campaigns.


List the areas to which you can exit, if any exits have certain requirements (quests/missions that must be completed first, quests that must be active, etc...) make note of that after the exit area's name.


List all the NPCs found in the town. Collectors, Crafters, Merchants/Traders and Henchmen should be grouped together near the bottom of the list. NPCs should be listed first by type then alphabetically by their name. The only exceptions being the Merchants should be listed before Traders, and Henchmen being listed in the order of their profession. Henchmen should also have their level listed and the symbol of their profession before their name. An example:

**[[Doug]] ([[Armor crafter]])
**[[Steve]] (Armor crafter)
**[[Tom]] ([[Artisan]])
**[[Teal]] ([[Weaponsmith]])
*[[Guild]] services:
**[[Bill]] ([[Guild Emblemer]])
**[[Dave]] ([[Guild Registrar]]) 
*[[Henchmen]] (Level 3):
*[[Merchant]]s and [[Trader]]s:
**[[Ray]] (Merchant)
**[[Carlos]] ([[Dye Trader]]) 
**[[Ryan]] ([[Rune Trader]])
**[[Xunlai Agent]]  (Storage) (two of them)
**[[Zack]] ([[Skill trainer]])
**[[Ed]] ([[Arena Guard]])


An included link to the town's quest page should go here if there is one, or a list in the form of Character name: Quest name if there is no separate quest page. If no quests are given in this town, this section should be omitted. If a particular quest is a primary quest, note it in parenthesis after it.


Any other notes can be added here. If there are no notes, this section should be omitted.


Trivia notes can be added here. Omit if this section is empty.


All the categories must be listed right at the bottom. For each town, two categories are expected: a category for the region it is in (such as [[Category:Kryta]]), and the location type within a campaign (such as [[Category:Town (Factions)]] or [[Category:Outpost (Prophecies)]]).