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Introduction[edit source]

Many skills are named after a person, place or thing. This is a list chronicling them.

Deity Skills[edit source]

Many skills in Guild Wars are named after the five primary gods.

Balthazar[edit source]

Balthazar: God of War and Fire.

Dwayna[edit source]

Dwayna: Goddess of Life and Air.

Grenth[edit source]

Grenth: God of Death and Ice.

Lyssa[edit source]

Lyssa: Twin Goddess of Beauty and Illusion

Melandru[edit source]

Melandru: Goddess of Earth and Nature.

Deldrimor[edit source]

Although not one of the five gods, Deldrimor still has a skill named after him.

Historical figure named skills[edit source]

These skills are still named after a person, but are not related to one of the gods.

Rodgort's Skills[edit source]

These skills are named after Rodgort, see their article for more details.

Teinai[edit source]

These skills are named after Teinai, a canthan elementalist.

Verata the Necromancer[edit source]

These skills are named after Verata, a wayward necromancer.

Ritualist Heros[edit source]

All of the item spells Ritualists use are named after a hero from the past. Following are skills which have information about the hero.

Zojun[edit source]

Zojun was a canthan hero.

Other Named Skills[edit source]

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