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Showing pricing information in the mainspace may be controversial but we could have a separate kind of name space which would list pricing information in the form of a trade list. This could be a free-form page with little regulations allowing people to post buy and sell requests and allow others to come and check the price. For example, say I want to know what a Voltaic Spear is going for at the current ecto rate. I can go to Trade:Voltaic Spear and see people who both want to buy and sell and see how the price varies with req.

Pros and Cons[]


  1. List actual trade prices which would be run by both buyer and sellers.
  2. Allow for a basis of comparing and checking prices by seeing what others are buying and selling for.
  3. Less need to formalize a pricing system for things like varying requirement and rarity.
  4. Can list both buy and sell requests making it more useful than [Guru's auction service]
  5. Players can even simply list price checks. Having many contributors will help ensure accuracy and prevent abuse
  6. In a separate namespace, we can have separate disclaimers and keep it removed from the documenting nature of mainspace. It can also be filtered out of Special:Recentchanges
  7. We can list "going range" which can be updated by people. "buy requests", "sell offers", "price checks", etc.
  8. Will allow a person to directly find trade information on the item they desire by clicking a link on the item's page.
  9. Players who have already bought or sold an item they posted a WTB or WTS for will probably remove it themselves to keep from continuing to get PMs about it.


  1. Old trade requests and outdated information would need to be monitored and removed
  2. Potential for spam, vandals and abuse.
  3. Can become extremely cluttered and would need careful maintenance
  4. May flood Special:Recentchanges and prevent abuse/vandalism in both that name space and others from being caught.
  5. May not draw enough traffic to maintain itself.
  6. Players who wish to sell many items may have to post on several pages.
  7. Players who want to buy and sell would need to include their IGNs.

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