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This page is an official policy on GuildWiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please use the talk page to propose changes.


This page discusses the use of upper and lower case in general across the GuildWiki.

Summary[edit source]

This is how case is handled on GuildWiki:

  • Use normal English capitalization rules. Read them here or here if you are not familiar with them.
    Example: Ranger skills quick reference
  • The only exception is: If the game capitalizes a word, so does GuildWiki.
    Example: The Fissure of Woe
  • This applies to all article titles and text.

Exceptions to standard English[edit source]

Due to the nature of this article, it's important to list the exceptions first.

  • Item names and skill names are treated as proper nouns, and as such, are always capitalized! So, while you use a kit to salvage armor, you use a Salvage Kit to salvage Tormentor's Armor.
  • Names that ArenaNet always capitalize, like The Frog, are always capitalized!

Article and category titles[edit source]

Because of the design of MediaWiki, the software used to run the GuildWiki, case is a bigger issue than you might think it deserves. An article called Some Test Article is different than the article Some test article. However, Some test article and some test article are exactly the same thing! Using a consistent case for article titles is therefore pretty important.

When referencing an article, do so as if it weren't an article. If I'm talking about style and formatting, I reference the article just like that. However, if the article name were to come at the beginning of the sentence, as in "Style and formatting is important for the GuildWiki," you'd capitalize the first letter. As noted before, both of these articles point to exactly the same place.

When more than one page uses that name and the 2 pages uses brackets the word in brackets should be in lower case if following on e.g. Quivering Blade (weapon) not Quivering Blade (Weapon). Normal rules apply.

Subheading titles[edit source]

Subheading titles should, in general, have only the first letter capitalized. Any other capitalizations should occur only according to standard English rules.

Capitalization of in-game terms[edit source]

Just because a term is in the game does not mean it should be capitalized. An example case of common incorrect usage:

The Leader of a Guild designs the Guild Cape when talking to the Guild Registrar in the City.

This is incorrect. This sentence should be:

The leader of a guild designs the guild cape when talking to the guild registrar in the city.

Any exceptions to this rule are noted in the section above.