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This page is an official policy on GuildWiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please use the talk page to propose changes.


The GuildWiki is a fansite documenting the game of Guild Wars. We are not a subsidiary of ArenaNet. Our responsibility to our users is to provide the most accurate documentation of Guild Wars possible. That being said, we do draw certain boundaries.

The following list is about how GuildWiki, as an entity, behaves:

  • We will not censor content that may portray any aspect of the game negatively if this content meets the bar for article retention. If an exploit exists, we will document the exploit fully.
  • We will not penalize users for acts against the EULA. Editors can boast about selling accounts for real money, or utilizing exploits in-game, without fear of banning or other GuildWiki administrative actions.
  • We do not retain any content that exists solely to help players violate the license agreement of the game or take advantage of others. This includes in-game prices, advice on how to scam other players, or information on botting.
  • We will remove material upon ArenaNet's reasonable request. We trust ArenaNet to make such requests only in serious situations. As of yet, they have never requested content removal.

That said, many of our users embrace their own codes of conduct.

  • Any exploits documented on the wiki are likely to be reported to ArenaNet immediately by multiple editors.
  • Any allegations of breaches of the EULA are likely to be reported to ArenaNet immediately by multiple editors.
  • Any material that appears to be from alpha tests, or any other apparent breach of a non-disclosure agreement with ArenaNet, is likely to be reported to ArenaNet immediately by multiple editors.

In closing, though we, as a collective organization, only rarely censor or report material to ArenaNet, the makeup of the GuildWiki community results in a somewhat conservative stance against any material that could feasibly damage Guild Wars.