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Welcome to!

Hey all, and welcome to hosted by the fine folks at Curse! This page is intended to be "mission control" for all questions and issues related to the transition. If you have a question/issue that is not addressed below, please let us know by posting on the talk page.

FAQ[edit source]

How do I reclaim my username?
To reclaim your account, go to Special:UserMigration and follow the instructions. Accounts only have to be reclaimed if you ever edited at the old wiki; if you had an account but never edited, then you will simply register it instead.
What if I don't want to keep using the same username?
If you want to switch to a new username, we now have the ability to merge accounts. Simply reclaim the old account, register the new account, then post your merge request on the talkpage here.
Do I need to move my own userpage or any files I've uploaded?
No, all articles and files have been transferred from the old wiki. Articles are current up to 18:00 UTC November 29, and files are current up to 23:00 UTC November 24. If you made any edits or uploaded any files after those times, then (and only then) would you need to re-edit or re-upload.
Where are my Preferences?
Preferences were not carried over; that includes e-mail address, signature, and other settings.
What happened to my watchlist?
Watchlists were not copied, as they are only accessible by the individual user. To transfer your watchlist, go to your raw watchlist on GW@Wikia, copy everything from the text box, then paste it into the text box on your raw watchlist here.
What happened to my avatar? And my blog?
Avatars and blogs are two of Wiki'a many "social" features that are not part of the core MediaWiki software. We left Wikia in part because we felt these features were detracting from the content-based, encyclopedic nature of our wiki. We have no plans to implement these or any similar features on the new GuildWiki.
What's going to happen to the Wikia site? Can we recruit vandals from random message boards to trash it?
Unlike other communities that have left Wikia, we are not abandoning the old wiki. In fact, the future of GuildWars@Wikia is already under discussion.
And no, you will not recruit vandals, nor will you yourself vandalize the old wiki. Anyone who does so will be permanently banned from both the Wikia and Curse wikis.

Getting the word out[edit source]

Since Wikia will be keeping their guildwars site, we need to get the word out that GuildWiki is now at .

Word is out at (please add):

Known issues[edit source]

Please report bugs here!

Browser address bar search box[edit source]

The old and new wiki have the same name. Therefor, you need to remove the old "search engine" called "GuildWiki (en)" and add the one. It is not possible to use both until one of the sites is renamed.

Parser tags[edit source]

Some extensions' parser tags are not working. This includes <charinsert> (only used on MediaWiki:Edittools, but displayed underneath every edit form) and <dpl> (but the parser function, {{#dpl:, works fine).

DPL[edit source]

Because of a security flaw in the DPL extension, Curse is only letting us use it with a special setting where it can only be used on protected pages. Due to this, you will probably see some DPL warning messages around the wiki. We are working on a solution for this. The workaround is to half-protect these pages so that only known editors can change them.

Filenames[edit source]

Files with certain characters in the name, including " ? * \, have had those characters replaced with a dash (-). This is because Curse's fileservers run under a Windows OS, where those characters are forbidden in filenames. The original file article still exists, e.g. File:"Charge!".jpg, but the file itself is at [1]

We are working on a wiki extension that can handle this character conversion on-the-fly, without requiring any editing of articles.

Image redirects[edit source]

As of MediaWiki 1.12 (March 2008), redirects from the Image:/File: namespace have been permanently disabled, in favor of the |link= syntax used directly within image links (e.g. [[File:Blah.jpg|link=Main Page]]). Wikia kept us all in the dark about this change, preferring to re-enable this functionality by hacking the MW code.

Direct impacts:

  • Signatures (because we require sig images to direct readers to the user's page/talkpage when clicked on)
  • Skill icons. This is less of an issue, since most templates display the skill icon next to the skill name. Skill bar templates have already been updated for the new link format.