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Winning Tickets[]

  1. 014
  2. 085
  3. 049
  4. 309
  5. 273
  6. 102
  7. 230
  8. 173
  9. 058
  10. 086
  11. 163
  12. 057
  13. 048
  14. 170
  15. 299
  16. 262
  17. 062
  18. 303
  19. 172
  20. 090

Winning Users[]

Prize claim[]


  1. Cress Arvein's R9 insc Runic Blade. Received


  1. Nikanor Nascent's Poisonous Dead Sword (req. 9, HSR 10%, insc.)


  1. Cress' Runic Blade (if Entropy isn't higher. Alt: Progr's Fellblade) - received
  2. Shogankiller's Jacado's Staff (Alt:Fraction of entry fee) - received


  1. Elite Mesmer Tome (Cress & Tenetke put one up; you choose which)



  1. Elite Rit Tome-(Saphyre)
  2. 40 creme brules-(Nikanor Nascent)
  3. 110 ToT bags (Eleh Mhent) thanks all


1. I would like my prize to be the 100 glacial stones from Shadowcrest, though I don't know his in game name. 2. The elite Dervish tome (forgot who was giving it away)

Woedin & wife[]

  1. Glob of ecto (Saphyre)
  2. 5 Powerstones of Courage (Arnout)
  3. 110 T or T bags (Eleh Mhent)
  4. 40 Creme Brulee (Nikanor Nascent) Thanks guys this is very nice.


  1. Fraction of entrence fee
  2. Fraction of entrence fee


  1. I would like for my prize the 100 glacier Stones from Shadowcrest - I haven't seen him in game to get my prize yet though. If I cannot get them, I would like Kurtan's The Purifier or Taameh's Scythe.


  1. Chrysocola Staff --- From Suraj George
  2. Turquoise Staff --- From Suraj George

Alternatives(from most wanted to least)

  • Fellblade --- from Progr
  • Stygian Spear --- from Progr


  1. Fellblade r9 inscr
  1. unded miniature heket warrior
  1. 2 Warrior Elite Tomes


Tickets are 1k each. Any number of tickets may be bought. The number of winners will depend on the number of tickets sold, so don't worry about being bought out. A user is eligible to win more than once, but there will be a prize limit of some sort, probably again in proportion to the total tickets sold.


Tickets are numbered. The first ticket sold is #001, the second is #002, and so forth. Winners shall be determined by a series of /roll 10 commands. Each /roll determines the value for a digit (10 is a 0). For instance, consecutive rolls of 3, 5, and 8 will select as winner the holder of ticket #358.

If the roll would result in a ticket number not held by anyone, a replacement number gets rerolled from the start.


The raffle drawing will be held the 24th of December. Tickets may be bought any time before that; contact Felix Omni in-game or on his talk page to buy some.


Any user who wishes to sponsor the raffle may do so! Simply add an item to the Possible Prizes list with your signature. If it is not chosen as the winner's prize, it will be returned (probably not taken in the first place, I don't have unlimited storage). If it IS chosen, the sponsor gets a share of the entrance money to compensate them.

Possible Prizes! (Feedback requested on talk page)[]

see GuildWiki:Wintersday/Raffle/Prizes

Already paid[]

  1. Renian
  2. User:jb7dragon
  3. User:Ultra Dagger
  4. User:JonTheMon
  5. User:Wiccan3
  6. User:Shogankiller
  7. User:Qing Guang
  8. User:Arctic Clover
  9. User:Chrisor00
  10. User:Zojun The Mighty
  11. User:Nsterz
  12. User:Shadowcrest
  13. User:Eleh Mhent
  14. User:Valure
  15. User:mik1992
  16. User:lionisgodlike13
  17. User:XD XD XD
  18. User:Woedin Woebringer
  19. User:The Real Oreo
  20. User:Meleah
  21. User:Dosearius