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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

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Guild Thief
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 20

The Guild Thief is a special NPC mercenary in Guild vs.Guild matches on certain Guild Halls. She has the ability to open locked gates to the opponent team's base.

She is a Warrior with 480 Health, with the unusual appearance of an Assassin, and uses a bow when out of melee range. In melee range, she wields a sword.

Guild Thieves follow whichever party member that talks to her first, and will only follow that particular player until she is released by having the same player talk to her again. She will then stay in the same spot until another player talks to her. If the commanding party member dies, the Guild Thief will stay in the same spot until she dies, or until someone else picks her up.

To have her unlock a gate, simply bring her near an opposing team's Gate Lock, and she will automatically unlock the gate. If she is being attacked, she will shout out in Team Chat, "Hey! I'm trying to work here, and these attacks aren't helping!" If she dies, she will be resurrected along with any dead human players at your Guild Hall's Resurrection Shrine every two minutes.

When retreating on maps with Guild Thieves, keep an eye for the enemy Guild Thief. If you don't see her near one of your locks, consider leaving your gates closed, even if it means stranding an ally outside the base. Keeping the opponent temporarily locked out provides the opportunity to regroup and plan the next move.

Likewise, if an opposing player mistakenly brings a thief into your base, try to kill that player out of range of the gate levers and the NPCs, leaving the Guild Thief alive and locked in your base. In this case, the other team cannot access your base until "Victory or Death!" unless you open the gate. Note that you can employ a similar tactic if your opponent brings its flag into your base on these maps.

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