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This page is about the game of Guild Wars. For other possible uses or meanings, see Guild Wars (disambiguation).
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The game Guild Wars is what this Wiki is all about, so if you're reading this, chances are you already have got a rough idea about the game:

Guild Wars is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by ArenaNet, a software company fully owned by Korean gaming company NCSoft.

Guild Wars is different from most other MMORPGs, though, in that the aspect of compulsory grinding to gain the highest level/best equipment common to MMORPGs is debateably on a much lower scale compared to other games in the genre. As a result, Guild Wars is sometimes classified as a CORPG. You just go through quests and missions to find the items, runes, and skills you need. There is an option to create PvP characters that start out with the maximum level and all skills and equipment a player has unlocked on that account. Alternatively, you can purchase a PvP version of the game that has all skills unlocked to start with.

Furthermore, unlike other MMORPGs, Guild Wars does not charge a monthly fee for playing the game. Instead, ArenaNet supports their online service through the release of new chapters, expansions, and the Guild Wars In-Game Store.

What makes this game competitive is the Player vs Player and Guild vs Guild battles, and an international tournament called Heroes' Ascent. Success in these PvP battles depends very heavily on your choice of skills and the tactics you execute.

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