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The Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition (One Million Edition in Europe) contains:

  • 2 game CDs
  • The Guild Wars Manuscripts - Book 1 and Book 2: 150 pages of information
  • Install Card: Instructions on installing the game
  • Quick Reference Card: Full color keyboard layout and key mapping
  • Game Activation 'Card' (actually a foldout soft-paper pamphlet) containing your Access Key
  • 14 day Trial Keys for Guild Wars, Lineage II, City of Villains, City of Heroes, and Auto Assault
    • Note: The Guild Wars trial will last for a period of 14 consecutive days or 10 hours of gameplay, whichever is reached first. The others are for a full 14 days.
  • Play and See advertisement for the trial games plus Tabula Rasa and the 'Shop NC' merchandise store.

If you buy from the Guild Wars In-Game Store, you will only get the Bonus Items

Bonus Items[]

The Bonus items are seven weapons and an Igneous Summoning Stone, all customized to your characters. These are:

  1. Warrior Sundering Rhino's Charge (Warrior Hammer)
  2. Warrior Serrated Shield (Warrior Shield)
  3. Ranger Poisonous Nevermore Flatbow (Ranger Bow)
  4. Monk Wolf's Favor (Monk Focus Item)
  5. Necromancer Insightful Soul Shrieker (Necromancer Staff)
  6. Mesmer Luminescent Scepter (Mesmer Wand)
  7. Elementalist Tiger's Roar (Elementalist Focus Item)
  8. NA-icon-small.png Igneous Summoning Stone (summons a Fire Imp)

Bonus Item Notes[]

  • The items will not appear automatically in your inventory or Xunlai storage. You must use the /bonus command to acquire them. The command can be used by any character on your account to acquire a set of bonus items customized for that character, as many times as you like. You must have free inventory space for the items to appear. They cannot be dropped, traded or even shown in a trade window.
  • WARNING: These items CANNOT be salvaged, so if you add a suffix modifier (e.g. grip) to it, you will not be able to take it off, but you can replace it with another one. These items do not accept prefix modifiers (e.g. a Bow String).
  • These bonus items can be activated in pre-searing, allowing for some better items/weapons than would be usually available when going for the "Defender of Ascalon" title.
  • As with all customized weapons, your heroes can use them, so long as it's customized for the character controlling the hero.

Item Details[]

Tiger roar.png

Tiger's Roar[]

Elementalist Focus Item

Nevermore bow.png

Nevermore Flatbow[]

Ranger Bow

Rhino charge.png

Rhino's Charge[]

Warrior Hammer

Serrated shield.png

Serrated Shield[]

Warrior Shield

Wolf favor.png

Wolf's Favor[]

Monk Focus Item

Luminescent scepter.png

Luminescent Scepter[]

Mesmer Wand

Soul shrieker.png

Soul Shrieker[]

Necromancer Staff