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This is the Guild Wars Dictionary. It is designed to help people who want to browse through the various sayings, words, phrases, and abbreviations commonly used in Guild Wars. You may also want to see the Glossary category for a complete list of glossary-style articles.

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Numeric[ | ]

  • 1: Commonly used in party chat to indicate readiness.
  • 1.5k armor: Refers to armor that usually costs 1500 gold to craft that has the best possible stats, though a past update lowered the cost to 1,000 gold.
  • 12v12: 12 vs. 12 player-vs.-player Alliance Battles in Factions.
  • 15k armor: Refers to Ascended Armor and Obsidian armor that usually costs 15 platinum to craft each piece, although there are exceptions (such as Vabbian armor).
  • 15^50: A weapon with a perfect "Strength and Honor" inscription, that deals 15% more damage when Health is above 50%.
  • 16/16 Smiter: A monk that uses 2 different headpieces of armor with different runes so the bonds he casts can all be at 16 attribute level. This is normally used together with a 600 Monk.
  • 20/20: A weapon with a perfect Sundering Mod, that has 20% armor penetration with 20% chance.
  • 20/20/20: A Staff which features Dual Halves Casting Time and Of Enchanting mods.
  • 40/40: A caster weapon set consisting of a wand and a focus that both halve skill recharge and casting time at 20%.
  • 55: Refers to the Invincible Monk build, which is unique in that the monk has only 55 HP at level 20 with the proper rune and weapon set up.
  • 100B: Hundred Blades.

A[ | ]

B[ | ]

  • B/P: Can refer either to Barrage/Pet or Boon Prot.
  • Backline: Refers to line of spellcasters behind the tanks in an attack formation; your healers and support characters.
  • Barrage/Pet: A Ranger that uses Barrage for damage and a pet to tank.
  • Battery: Generally, a Necromancer who uses Blood is Power, but can refer to any number of other builds whose primary purpose is to maintain the rest of the party's Energy.
  • Beacon's: Beacon's Perch, an outpost in the Prophecies campaign. The Droks run starts here.
  • Beta: The testing stage after alpha but before public, commercial release.
  • Beta Weekend Event: Events that allowed players to play before the release of Guild Wars. Replaced by World Preview Events.
  • BiP: Blood is Power. A character using Blood is Power is sometimes called a "BiP" or "bipper". Generally synonymous with Battery.
  • Blessing: A temporary bonus, usually granted by an NPC for a price.
  • Blind-bot: A character spamming the Blind condition to debilitate enemy attackers (e.g. Blinding Surge, Ebon Dust Aura), sometimes abbreviated to as "bb".
  • Block: Completely avoiding damage from an attack. Granted by certain skills.
  • Blue item: In terms of item rarity, the most common uncommon item.
  • Body block: The act of preventing other character from passing through your physical location.
  • Bonder: Monk that uses Life Bond and/or Life Barrier.
  • Bonus: In missions, refers to extra objectives that grant extra gold and/or experience.
  • Boss: An enemy leader that is usually a higher level then their counterparts. They are surrounded by auras indicating their profession, and have additional affects that makes them more resilient or more powerful (see Natural resistance). Many Bosses drop a unique item.
  • Boon prot: Monk that uses Divine Boon and Protection Prayers.
  • Bot: An automated program generally used to farm items. Bots are prohibited.
  • BR: Blood Ritual.
  • BU: An Essence of Celerity.
  • Buff: (1) A skill that increases the abilities of a character. (2) A change to a skill, mission, etc. that makes it better. Opposite of Nerf.
  • Bug: A flaw in the game that prevents it from working as intended.
  • Build: A template of skills and ability allocation that fulfills a role needed in a party.
  • Build number: Essentially the version number of the Guild Wars release.
  • Bundle tank: A defunct strategy to outwit the enemy AI using carryable items. Note that this type of tank does not work anymore due to a change of AI.

C[ | ]

D[ | ]

E[ | ]

F[ | ]

G[ | ]

  • GG/GJ/GL: Good Game/Good Job/Good Luck. Used often before and after PvP matches as a show of good sportsmanship.
  • GLF/GLFM: "Group Looking For...", "Group Looking For More..." A term used when an already-formed party is looking for more members, usually of a specific build or profession. Example: "GLF more monks"
  • Gold: The money used to trade in Guild Wars.
  • Guild: Many Guild Wars players joined together in a group. See Alliance.
  • Guild Hall: The outpost where members of a guild can meet each other. Only players from a certain guild can visit that guild's Guild Hall, unless guest invited.
  • GvG: Guild Versus Guild. Guilds battling against one another from their Guild Hall.
  • GW:EN: Short for Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Also could be a driven term for Gwen, a Mesmer hero in Eye of the North from the original Prophecies campaign.
  • GZ: "gratz", a way of saying congratulations for good drops or increasing in level, etc.

H[ | ]

  • H/H or H&H: ("Hero/Hench") refers to a team which contains only one human player and three Heroes, as well as Henchmen if party size allows.
  • H/O: Hang on.
  • HA: Hero's Ascent, a PvP arena where you can battle other players around the world for the Hero Title.
  • Hard Rez: Repeatable Resurrection spells like Resurrect.
  • HB: Healer's Boon/Healing Breeze/Hero Battles: Hero Battles once was an Arena where players fought 4vs4 with their heroes, but it was removed from the game.
  • Health: The amount of life a creature has. Your health is the red bar above your skills list.
  • Hench: Abbreviation for Henchmen; sometimes includes Heroes. An "all hench party", for example, may include both Henchmen and Heroes.
  • Henge/HoD: Henge of Denravi, an outpost in Prophecies.
  • Hero: (1) A party member like and unlike a henchmen that a player can control. (2) A title for PvP players that is obtained from winning battles in Hero's Ascent.
  • HH: Healing Hands.
  • HM: Hard Mode, a higher difficulty setting from the usual Guild Wars.
  • HoH: Hall of Heroes.
  • HoM: Hall of Monuments in Eye of the North.
  • HoS: Heart of the Shiverpeaks.
  • HoT: Healing over Time.
  • HP: Hell's Precipice, the last mission in the Prophecies storyline.
  • HzH: House zu Heltzer, the main "city" of the Kurzicks.

I[ | ]

  • IAS: Increase Attack Stance/Speed. Something which allows a character to attack faster.
  • IAU: "I Am Unstoppable!"
  • ID: (1) International District (2) Identify.
  • IDS: Icy Dragon Sword. An unique drop from Ice Imps in Mineral Springs.
  • IGN: In Game Name. The names of a player's characters in Guild Wars. IGNs are often swapped among people in online communities so that they may contact each other in the game itself.
  • Ion Cannon: Ray of Judgment.
  • Infuse: Infuse Health. Not to be confused with Infusion, which is done to armor to protect from Spectral Agony, used by Mursaat.
  • Inventory: A list of the items you are carrying. Available by pressing "I".
  • Item: (1) Drops from monsters or other party members/NPCs that go into your inventory. Money is a special type of item or drop.(2) Ritualist spells or certain things found on the ground that allow you to hold up the ashes of great heroes, or are used for quests or grant temporary effects. You can not attack while holding an item. See Bundle.
  • IWAY:(1) "I Will Avenge You!", A Guild Wars Warrior skill mainly used in PvP. (2) An infamous gimmick build which involved suiciding pets to create massive regeneration and constant IAS.
  • IW: Illusionary Weaponry.
  • Izzy: See Isaiah Cartwright.

J[ | ]

K[ | ]

  • K: (1) Used to denote 1,000 of something. When referring to gold pieces, it is a simpler way to refer to platinum. It is also used when talking about faction, fame, experience, etc. Can be used as KK referring to 1 million gold. (2) Also often used as a shortened ok.
  • KD: Abbreviation for Knockdown.

L[ | ]

  • LA: Lion's Arch, a popular outpost in Prophecies for commerce, recruitment, and special events.
  • LB: Lightbringer points.
  • LBG, LB gaze: Lightbringer's Gaze.
  • LDD: The Last Day Dawns, a high-end quest in the Prophecies campaign.
  • LF, LFG, LFP, LFT: "Looking For", "Looking For Group", "Looking For Partner" or "Looking For Party", and "Looking For Team" respectively. Used to solicit party members in an outpost.
  • LFM: "Looking For More". Generally refers to Monks, but can also be used when looking for a particular build or such. Example: "Group LFM nukers."
  • LFR: "Looking For Run(ner)". Used to solicit party members for a run in an outpost.
  • LOD: Light of Deliverance or Light of Deldrimor.
  • LS: Life stealing.
  • LT: Life Transfer.
  • LTB: "Looking To Buy".
  • LTS: "Looking To Sell".
  • LTT: "Looking To Trade".

M[ | ]

N[ | ]

  • Newbie: A new player to the game.
  • NM: Normal mode, the default mode used in the game unless changed to Hard Mode by the player.
  • Nightfall: The third campaign available to Guild wars players. Often referred to as NF.
  • Noob: Generally unkind form of Newbie.
  • NPC: Non Playable Character. They show up as "green" units on the map. Some may turn into allies, while others could become enemies. A few NPCs, such as Merchants, offer special services to the character.
  • NRG: Energy.
  • Nuker: A character damaging more foes next to each other at the same time. Usually refers to the Elementalist, but can mean other high-damage professions as well. See Nuke. Like "MM", Nuker is a term often seen when soliciting party members. Ex: "Nuker LFG", "GLF Nukers".

O[ | ]

P[ | ]

  • P&H, PnH: Peace and Harmony.
  • PBAoE: Point Blank Area of Effect. Special skills like Inferno which have an AoE effect right next to the target.
  • Perfect: Refers to any item that has maximum stats, often used to refer to an item with 20/20 Sundering, 15^50, and +30 Fortitude.
  • Perma, Permasin: An Assassin using a combination of skills to keep Shadow Form up indefinitely. Also called Perma SF or Perma Shadow Form.
  • Platinum: 1,000 Gold. Usually denoted by "K". Ex: "WTB Victo's Blade for 8 Platinum.", "WTS nice FDS for 5K."
  • PS: Protective Spirit (also called "Prot Spirit"), or Palm Strike.
  • Professions: The class of a character, NPC, or monster. See Professions.
  • Prophecies: The original Guild Wars campaign.
  • PUG: Pick Up Group. Refers to a party created largely from strangers and other characters you don't know. Also player unaffiliated with a guild.
  • PvE: Player vs. Environment.
  • PvP: Player vs. Player.

Q[ | ]

  • Q: Shorthand for requirement in trade-chat, e.g. Shield q9 Mot instead of Shield with Motivation requirement of 16
  • Quest: A task given by an NPC that your character can choose to complete, usually for a reward. Some quests are primary quests and serve to advance the storyline.
  • QZ: Quickening Zephyr.

R[ | ]

  • RA: Random Arenas, a 4vs4 PvP arena in which players are teamed randomly against each other.
  • Regeneration: When the health or energy bar steadily increases by a set amount based on the amount of regeneration used from between 1 to 10 "pips". All creatures in Guild Wars have some innate Energy regeneration based on their Profession; most also possess Health regeneration under certain conditions, especially Bosses. Commonly shortened to Regen.
  • Req: Requirement.
  • Res, Rez: Some type of Resurrection skill. Also used by players wanting to be resurrected. Example: "Please res me, I have rez!"
  • RoF: (1) Reversal of Fortune; (2) Ring of Fire.
  • RoJ: Ray of Judgment.
  • Run: (1) To use a running or speed buff skill to increase how fast your character can move. (2) To finish a quest or mission with the minimal amount of effort required, often involving not killing many monsters. (3) To get run by another character to a town, outpost, mission, etc. without having to complete the required storyline. (4) To have another character finish all the work needed to complete a certain quest or mission.
    • Test Run: When a characters wants to test their strategy to "run" other players. These runs are usually cheaper than pro runs.
    • Pro Run: A run done by a very experienced player who has done the run before and has a high success rate of completing the run. The Droks run is a famous example. These runs generally carry a fee.

S[ | ]

T[ | ]

  • TA: Team Arenas: A 4vs4 PvP arena that was removed from the game.
  • Tank: A character designed specifically to take all of the enemies and have them attack you while taking no damage leaving your party to deal all of the damage unharmed.
  • TF: Tiger's Fury.
  • ToA: Abbreviation of Temple of the Ages, an outpost in Kryta. Players may access the Underworld or Fissure of Woe from here. It is also notable as the only place in Kryta where one may form a party of 8.
  • THK: Thunderhead Keep, a mission in the Prophecies storyline.
  • Title: A reward or goal obtained from exploring continents, killing things while under a bounty, etc.
  • Tome: An item used by PvE characters to learn unlocked skills.
  • ToPK / Tombs: Tomb of the Primeval Kings, a high-level area in the Prophecies campaign.
  • Town: The main outpost of a area. See Town.
  • TS: (1) Teamspeak, a product which allows players to communicate with each other in real time. Often used in high-end PvE and most forms of PvP to coordinate strategy, time spikes, etc. (2) The Titan Source, a high-end quest in the Prophecies campaign.
  • Trade: Giving an item from one character to another, usually using the Trade command.
  • Tyria: The continent that players walk and play on in Prophecies. Also the name of the world (see Tyria (world)).

U[ | ]

V[ | ]

  • VFF: Vanquish Faction Farming.
  • Vent: Ventrilo, a product which allows players to communicate with each other in real time. Often used in high-end PvE and most forms of PvP to coordinate strategy, time spikes, etc.
  • VSF: Voltaic Spear Farming, a type of farm in the Slavers' Exile Dungeon, the party has one tank who lures Justiciar Thommis and surrounding enemies to a wall, and the rest of the party casts high-damage skills on them while standing on the other side of the wall.

W[ | ]

X[ | ]

  • XP: Experience points.

Y[ | ]

Z[ | ]