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The Guild Wars Nightfall PvP Preview Event was a "first look" preview event for the beta version of Guild Wars Nightfall, the upcoming third campaign of the Guild Wars game series. It focused on the competitive PvP aspect of the game.

The event was scheduled for July 28 - 30, 2006.

From the official announcement:

"Guild Wars Nightfall has entered the beta testing stage and Guild Wars players worldwide are invited to participate in an exclusive, first-look player-versus-player (PVP) event, July 28 — 30, 2006.
During the PVP Preview Event, both Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions® players will get a first look at Guild Wars Nightfall, and will be able to try out the two new professions being introduced in the game; the Dervish, a scythe-wielding holy warrior, and the Paragon, guardian angel of the Elonian people. In addition to testing out the new professions and arenas, players will also be able to compete for items that will be exchangeable for a variety of rewards throughout the weekend event.
The Guild Wars Nightfall PVP Preview event will kick off on Friday, July 28 at 12:01am PDT and will continue through Sunday, July 30 at 11:59pm PST."

Further details from the Official Information Page:

To make testing of the new professions even simpler, secondary profession changers will be available throughout the duration of the event. These special characters will allow existing players to change their PvP character's secondary profession without having to re-create them if they so choose.

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