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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Pre-Searing quest. For the unique item, see Gwen's Flute (unique).



  1. Find a Broken Flute. Bring it back to Gwen. She lost it near some monsters.
  2. You currently have Gwen's flute.

Obtained from

Gwen in Lakeside County (right outside of Ascalon City)


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character


  • 250 XP (and her cheerful presence)

Dialogue (from Gwen)

"I left my flute by the river, but there are lots of scary monsters there now. I don't know what to do. Can you maybe go and kill them and bring my flute back?"
Accept: "Sure, I can do that."
Reject: "No, I don't have time."

Dialogue (in Quest Log)

"I lost my flute! I think I left it on the other side of the river, but there are so many monsters there and I'm afraid to go get it. Do you think you could get it for me?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Gwen) (if you accept the quest)

"Thank you! I can't wait! I know you'll find it!"

Intermediate Dialogue (Gwen) (if you reject the quest)

"You're not very nice."

Reward Dialogue

"Thanks for finding my flute.
Oh no! It's broken! Now I'm going to have to get a new one.
Can I follow you?"
Accept: "Yes, you may follow me, Gwen."
Reject: "No, not right now."


Head south over the river and recover Gwen's Broken Flute. The location is the same as the River Skale Queen. Return it to Gwen. After completing this, Gwen can follow you around. You also have the option of buying her a new flute for 4 Gold (after which she will occasionally heal for 20 Health) and a little girl's cape for 200 Gold. Additionally, you can give her Red Iris Flowers. Give her enough items (around 5) and she will eventually give you the quest item Tapestry Shred.

After Gwen is given the flute she will start playing it. The background score of the game will actually change to a quite pretty solo flute tune when she plays.


  • There are two different sets of dialogue for this quest; the set that appears when you talk to Gwen and the set that appears in your Quest Log. Both have been included.
  • You cannot reject the 250 XP reward if you have the Broken Flute in your inventory: you will automatically get it as soon as you talk to Gwen. The Accept/Reject option is only for whether she will follow you afterwards or not. Hence, you must take care not to accidentally receive the XP reward if you are trying to save it for LDoA title.
  • The first objective does not actually appear in the Quest Log, but included for sake of clarity.
  • Gwen will not heal you until you give her a Flute purchased from the merchant (only the flute, no Red Iris Flowers or the Small Girl's Cape are required).
Bug.png Bug! If you are a primary Monk, or if you have a bugged Gwen (wearing red cape) you will not be able to directly obtain this quest. In order to get the 250 XP reward, you may group with another player who has this quest already active before you enter Lakeside County, and have them turn in the reward in your presence, and then talk to Gwen yourself. Please refer to the talk page for further discussion on completing this quest.