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Mission map

Chaos Rift in Haiju Lagoon.

This is a mission entry. For information on the mission outpost Haiju Lagoon, see Haiju Lagoon.

This mission is available during the Dragon Festival.

Mission Objectives[]


Captain Rujiyo
"I am Captain Rujiyo of the Imperial Guard, appointed to this post by the emperor himself. We know little of the enemies invading Shing Jea Island, save that they are winning the battle. We must do everything in our power to swing the fight in our favor."
- How can I help the emperor?
Captain Rujiyo
"My troops have received reports of rifts opening across Haiju Lagoon. The enemy is using these portals to conquer the small villages on the eastern half of the island. We've called for mainland reinforcements, but they've yet to arrive. We desperately need the help of skilled invididuals such as you. Will you serve the emperor?"
- Yes, I am ready to help the emperor.
- Not right now, I'm busy.




  • If you start the mission with a party of 3 henchmen, you will appear in Haiju Lagoon with 6 henchmen, for a total of 7 party members, however henchmen will be level 3.
  • The mini map will show you the locations of the rifts.
  • The Chaos Rifts can reopen, so be sure you kill all enemies in the surrounding area.
Historical note.png Historical note: In 2006, the reward was 50 Jade Wind Orbs.
Historical note.png Historical note: In the 2007 festival, Globs of Ectoplasm were reportedly dropped by many monsters in this mission.
Historical note.png Historical note: Since 2007, the rifts are fake and the monsters are actors, but they retain the same levels and skills.


  • Move slowly from portal to portal, creatures do pop up at the worst times...
  • Bring a ritualist to put up a lot of spirits before and during fights. The spirits will help tremendously and should be used as a "meatshield". Also, spirits are very good at dividing up larger mob groups which allows individual monsters to be picked off.
  • Ranger traps near the spirits will aid greatly.
  • Hug the coast as you move around the zone; there are slightly fewer pop-ups.
  • To capture the portal on the island, be sure to first hit the patrols that run through the lake. They might not be visible when you first arrive and they are unpleasant surprise when your party is tackling the Torment Claw. Also, if you have to make a tactical retreat, follow the your previous path; every exit has pop-ups that will be game-over for crippled party.