The Halcyon

The Leviathan, Halcyon, is one of the primary defenses in the Luxons' fight against the Kurzicks. It is located in Boreas Seabed (explorable), a short distance north of Zos Shivros Channel. Part vessel, part fortress, it moves slowly and only through vast amounts of manpower and magic.

Quests involved in:



  • This ship and its crew are references to the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity. Each of the characters' pages show information on the TV character they are based on. In addition, the ship in the series was called Serenity, and "halcyon" means "serene".
  • NPC's and their corresponding characters:
    • Captain Rion -- Mal Reynolds
    • Arani -- Inara Serra
    • Caly -- Kaylee Frye
    • Hannai -- River Tam
    • Jo -- Zoe Washburne
    • Khim -- Jayne Cobb
    • Perlo -- Hoban Washburne (probably)
    • Sao -- Shepherd Book
    • Ting -- Simon Tam
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