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The Halloween 2005 event updated the looks in a few areas of the game. Two major cities, Droknar's Forge and Lion's Arch, plus the Tomb of the Primeval Kings had Halloween makeovers, with Lion's Arch having even NPC models changed (as seen below). In addition to being a touch of fun, the changes showcase ArenaNet's powerful update engine which allows changes to game areas quickly and smoothly.

Some new Halloween Collectors were introduced in several locations. They offer special Halloween-flavored items. These items are Witch's Brew, Squash Serum, Absinthe and Ghost-in-the-Box.

Note: This update was reverted from the game by the November 4th, 2005 update, but ArenaNet has issued a movie comemmorating this celebration, however the movie is no longer active.

  • QuestIconThumb.png See Holiday Items for a complete listing of all Holiday event items.
Squash Serum.png
Witch's Brew.png
Witch's Brew
Vial of Absinthe.png
Squash Serum Witch's Brew Ghost-in-the-Box Vial of Absinthe

The Update also introduced the Mad King who played games with players in Lion's Arch and the Mad King's Guards as henchmen in that city.

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