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The Halloween 2009 event runs from Friday, October 23rd through Monday, November 2nd, 2009. It includes the return of Halloween collectors, the redecoration of Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Tomb of the Primeval Kings, and Droknar's Forge, and the return of Mad King Thorn who once again will terrorize the populace with 'hilarious' jokes while at the same time rewarding them with special holiday treats, this year with some brand-new quests. This event is similar to the past events of Halloween 2005, Halloween 2006, Halloween 2007 and Halloween 2008. He'll be making many appearances so be sure to get one of the special hats!

Mad King appearances[]

The Mad King has visited Kamadan and Lion's Arch on October 31, 2009. Participants in each city were awarded a different mask.

(24 hr format)
12:01 am 07:01
03:01 am 10:01
06:01 am 13:01
09:01 am 16:01
12:01 pm 19:01
3:01 pm 22:01
6:01 pm 01:01
9:01 pm 04:01
12:01 am 07:01
  • Times given in italics are on November 1st.



NPCs added for this event:

NPCs in Lion's Arch who were transformed for this event:

The traders in Lion's Arch, covered with webbing.

Mad King's Guard Henchmen.

Mad King's Guard (Henchmen)[]

The Mad King's Guards are actually Henchmen. You can add them to your party and take them to explorable areas.

Halloween Quests[]

Bug.png Bug! Entering these quests will cause your character to be booted to the last outpost, you will lose your tonic

Throughout the event, new quests will be released by Mad King's Steward.


Horseman Collector

Although they collect different items, all of the Horseman Collectors offer the same rewards, except for Transmogrifier Tonic.



Squash Serum

Witch's Brew

Ghost-in- the-Box

Vial of Absinthe

Transmogrifier Tonic

Candy Apple

Trick-or-Treat Bag

Candy Corn

Pumpkin Cookie

Event Monster Drop Items[]

Redecorated Towns[]

Kamadan redecorated for Halloween

Lion's Arch redecorated for Halloween

The redecorated Tomb of the Primeval Kings

Droknar's Forge, redecorated

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