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A Hard mode quest is a special version of a standard quest that can only be completed by playing in Hard mode, and is identified in the Quest Log with a "[Hard Mode Only]" notation. The normal version of the quest must be completed before the hard mode version will be offered.

Hard Mode Quests add enemies of greater difficulty to the game but have much higher rewards than the normal quests have.

List of Hard mode quests[]

Quest Obtained from Location XP Gold ZCoins
The Villainy of Galrath Firstwatch Sergio Lion's Arch 30,000 5,000 -
Defend Droknar's Forge Vision of Glint Droknar's Forge 50,000 7,500 1 Gold
The Last Day Dawns Vision of Glint Droknar's Forge ? ? ?
Defend North Kryta Province Vision of Glint Droknar's Forge ? ? ?
Defend Denravi Vision of Glint Droknar's Forge ? ? ?
The Titan Source Vision of Glint Droknar's Forge 50,000 ? ?
Anomaly.png Anomaly! Although the Developer Update states that you can only accept these quests while in hard mode, this distinction is meaningless when the quest giver is in a town or outpost. (There is no "hard mode" version of these locations.) However, the quest-related spawns, which are in explorable areas, will only appear in hard mode.


Historical note.png Historical note: Hard Mode Quests have been introduced with the April 28th 2011 update, the 6th anniversary update.
  • The first Hard Mode Quest was The Villainy of Galrath, which was a quest introduced in the very beginnings of Guild Wars.