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In Vabbi, fierce and filthy harpies prey upon wandering bands of travelers for anything they can steal. Some legends hold that the harpies were once beautiful winged creatures who proudly served Dwayna, the Goddess of the Air, until a catastrophic event cast them down from the heavens. Now they stalk the earth as they struggle to survive. Vabbi poets elaborate further, claiming that the fallen harpies now hate everything that walks on the ground. Vabbi scholars dismiss such romanticized notions—this race of screeching, vicious, petty thieves is probably too simple-minded, they say, for such complex motivations.

As jealous, hateful creatures, harpies delight in tormenting other intelligent races, sometimes raiding and robbing more for twisted amusement than out of a desire for wealth. Dervishes claim they’ve seen harpies stealing food from wanderers just to watch them starve, or in some cases, snatching bright treasures from adventurers purely out of envy for the shiny baubles wanderers wear.

Harpies gather in extended families, each with the social structure of a corrupt matriarchy. Once a harpy matron decides to sink her talons into a stretch of countryside, her descendents will make life miserable for any who pass through those lands. Most harpies are clever enough to hunt in lands frequented by defenseless travelers, but throughout history, a few harpy matrons have set their sights on rarer, brighter treasures.

In some Vabbi myths, only the matron of a harpy family can breed, making life even more unpleasant for other females—but this may just be a thinly veiled allegory attacking certain powerful wives in the estates of wealthy Vabbi.


Region Type Collectable Drop
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Warrior4, 12 Skree Talon
Warrior12 Harpy Mother2
Ranger2 Skree Hatchling (Ranger)2
Ranger8 Skree Fledgeling
Ranger11 Skree Hunter
Monk8 Skree Hatchling1
Monk12 Skree Griffon1
Monk14 Harpy Mother1, 2
Paragon5, 12, 13 Skree Warbler
Fledgling Skree Wing
Vabbi Warrior24 (26) Skree Raider
Warrior28 Elder Skree Raider3
Ranger24 (26) Skree Tracker
Ranger28 Elder Skree Tracker3
Monk24 (26) Skree Griffin1
Monk28 Elder Skree Griffin1, 3
Paragon24 (26) Skree Singer
Paragon28 Elder Skree Singer3
Skree Wing

1 See Notes; these species are not yet confirmed.
2 These Harpies only appear as part of certain quests.
3 These Harpies only appear before completing Destroy the Harpies and Population Control.

For a list of all harpies, including bosses, see Category:Harpies.


  • The Skree include both Harpies and allied or tamed Griffons, which are believed to be part of the same overarching species. However the Skree Battle blessing specifically says 'Skree Harpies', so it is also possible that they are considered four-legged, bestial harpies in the lore.