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Region Type Collectable Drop
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Warrior4, 12 Skree Talon
Warrior12 Harpy Mother2
Ranger2 Skree Hatchling (Ranger)2
Ranger8 Skree Fledgeling
Ranger11 Skree Hunter
Monk8 Skree Hatchling1
Monk12 Skree Griffon1
Monk14 Harpy Mother1, 2
Paragon5, 12, 13 Skree Warbler
Fledgling Skree Wing
Vabbi Warrior24 (26) Skree Raider
Warrior28 Elder Skree Raider3
Ranger24 (26) Skree Tracker
Ranger28 Elder Skree Tracker3
Monk24 (26) Skree Griffin1
Monk28 Elder Skree Griffin1, 3
Paragon24 (26) Skree Singer
Paragon28 Elder Skree Singer3
Skree Wing

1 See Notes; these species are not yet confirmed.
2 These Harpies only appear as part of certain quests.
3 These Harpies only appear before completing Destroy the Harpies and Population Control.