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Disambiguous This article is about the explorable area. For the quest, see Heart of the Shiverpeaks (quest).
Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Levels 3
Dungeon quest Heart of the Shiverpeaks (quest)
Reward chest Mountain Heart Chest
Map area n/a
Neighbors Battledepths
Bogroot Growths
Services None
Heart of the Shiverpeaks map

Description[ | ]

The Heart of the Shiverpeaks, sealed long ago by the Blackpowder clan, holds many ancient Dwarven secrets. Its innermost reaches are guarded by a great fire wurm, Cyndr the Mountain Heart

-Master Dungeon Guide

The Heart of the Shiverpeaks is a 3 level dungeon; its Boss is Cyndr the Mountain Heart. If you have already completed the Heart of the Shiverpeaks primary quest, the end boss will be Magmus instead. If you have completed the dungeon once already you don't need a quest to complete this dungeon.

Getting there[ | ]

First time visitors will enter this dungeon during primary quest Heart of the Shiverpeaks.

Repeat visitors (who have completed the primary, non-repeatable quest) enter and complete this dungeon without taking a quest. This is rare in that many dungeons require taking a repeatable quest to be able to complete the dungeon. Repeat visitors may find this dungeon by traveling from Central Transfer Chamber to Battledepths, then going SE to the Heart of the Shiverpeaks entrance.

Exits[ | ]

NPCs[ | ]

Allies[ | ]

Hidden Treasures[ | ]

  • There is a Hidden treasure after the map area next to an Ice Trap on the first floor.
  • 2 hidden treasures near the exit to the 2nd floor on each side of last Res. shrine

Bestiary[ | ]

Monsters[ | ]

Bosses[ | ]

Boss-like foes[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • There are 12 Zombie Brute allies lining the path to Jacado the Putrid that turn hostile as soon as you aggro Jacado.
  • There are pillar traps spread throughout the dungeon. These include:
  • When Magmus is aggroed, many smaller oozes appear around him; when Magmus dies, even more Magma Blisters will spawn. Careful pulling is recommended so your party doesn't get overwhelmed. Note that several oozes use Ooze Division, further increasing the size of the mob.
  • With 304 creatures to kill, including multiple bosses, the first level of this dungeon is a good farming ground for Deldrimor points.
  • People often farm dungeon drops in the Heart of the Shiverpeaks, because of the way it can be easily run. The goal here is to run to third level and kill only Cyndr the Mountain Heart, or Magmus and his minions, to get the loot from the dungeon chest. This is often called a "HoS chest run." Note: This run still works, but takes slightly longer after the update on September 27th.
  • People with ATI graphics cards may experience errors on the third floor.

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