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Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


"Oh, hi! I was just thinking about bears. Godless killing machines without a soul. If there's any animal that hates freedom, it's the bear. From this point on, I'm putting bears on notice. But enough about my irrational phobias... I've got collecting to do. My friend Nikun is throwing a swank party... you know... a shindig. Ripper, even. He's collecting masks for the affair, and it's my job to provide another party favor. Think you could help me out? You know you want to. Listen, go out and kill a bunch of stuff. You look like the killing type. Bring me 5 Kournan Pendants and I'll reward your blood, sweat, and tears with:"

Collector Items[]



Location: Gandara, the Moon Fortress (northwestern corner)
Collecting: 5 Kournan Pendants

Item Stats Reqs. Mods. Value
Winged Axe Slashing damage: 6-28 9 Axe Mastery Damage +15% (while Enchanted) 100 Gold
Ensorcelling Staff Energy +10
Chaos damage: 11-22
9 Domination Magic Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
Damage +15% (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Ritualist Wand Dark damage: 11-22 9 Communing Halves skill recharge of Communing spells (Chance: 20%)
Damage +15% (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Earth Scroll Energy +12 9 Earth Magic Received physical damage -2 (While Enchanted)
Health +45 (While Enchanted)
100 Gold
Bone Idol Energy +12 9 Curses Received physical damage -5 (Chance: 20%)
Health +30
100 Gold


  • The first part of Helenah's dialogue is a paraphrasing of the various anti-bear rants on The Colbert Report.