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The Help panel

Players can access the help panel by pressing F10 (the default hotkey) or by typing /help in the chat window. The panel contains links to web-sites containing both official and player-maintained content. Clicking on the links will open the target web page using your default web browser.

The help panel contains the following sections.

Panel layout[]

Online help[]

Guild Wars official site
links to the official Guild Wars web-site.
Game manuals
links to the official game manuals for all three campaigns.
Update notes
links to the Guild Wars Update page.
Fan sites
links to a list of fansites.

Community wiki[]

This section is divided into the following sub-sections and contains links to the official Guild Wars Wiki (regardless of whether an actual wiki article exists at the target):

lists and links all your current active quests.
Your skills
links to all the skills of your primary and secondary profession and your equiped skills.
Recently encountered skills
lists and links to the skills that you've recently encountered.
Recently visited locations
lists and links to the locations you've recently visited.
links to the guild page on the official Guild Wars Wiki of the guilds and alliances in which you are a member, guest or invitee.

At the bottom of the panel, there is a text box that can be used to search the official Guild Wars Wiki.


  • Guild Wars will minimize on clicking a link. There is a warning to this effect which allows cancelling the operation.
  • The official Guild Wars Wiki is an entirely different entity from GuildWiki, which you are now reading.
  • You can also open to the main page of the official Guild Wars Wiki by typing /wiki.
  • Typing /wiki followed by a word will automacticly search for the word.