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Hero is a title that players can display for prestige and which grants them an in-game benefit.

It is awarded per account for PvP achievements in Heroes' Ascent. Every victory in the Heroes' Ascent adds fame to your title's progress. Each consecutive win increases the amount of fame gained.

For each third rank in the title track players are rewarded a special emote. It can be used using the commands /fame and /rank.

Hero title track[]

Rank Title Fame Emote
1 Hero 25 none
2 Fierce Hero 75
3 Mighty Hero 180 Deer1
4 Deadly Hero 360
5 Terrifying Hero 600
6 Conquering Hero 1,000 Wolf
7 Subjugating Hero 1,680
8 Vanquishing Hero 2,800
9 Renowned Hero 4,665 Tiger2
10 Illustrious Hero 7,750
11 Eminent Hero 12,960
12 King's Hero 21,600 Phoenix
13 Emperor's Hero 36,000
14 Balthazar's Hero 60,000
15 Legendary Hero 100,000 Dragon
1 The deer emote is frequently referred to as "Bambi".
2 Charr in Eye of the North display a Tiger emote when they use the skill Gloat.


For each victory in the Heroes' Ascent players gain fame. The first victory grants one fame, however this gain increases with every consecutive win.

Consecutive Wins 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Every win after 13
Extra fame earned 1 2 3 4 6 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40
Total fame earned 1 3 6 10 16 24 36 52 72 96 124 156 192 192+40*(wins-13)

Increasing Balthazar's faction cap[]

For each rank in the Hero title a player's cap for unspent Balthazar Faction will increase. The first five ranks each add up 2,000 to the cap while all other ranks add 5,000 each, thus giving an additional cap of up to 60,000 faction.

Rank discrimination[]

Most teams, while forming a group at the Heroes' Ascent, do not accept members below a certain rank because new players have a lack of experience in Heroes' Ascent. It follows that earning a rank emote and title will help you find a pick-up group at the Heroes' Ascent. Finding a good, active PvP-oriented Guild can be greatly helpful in gaining this initial experience and rank.

When PUGing players may advertise the desired rank of the player they need with the letter r followed by a number, for example "r5+" if they only want players with a rank of 5 or above in their team.


  • Players must be at least a Mighty Hero (rank 3) to display the title.
  • The /rank emote can only be used every 30 seconds.
Historical note.png Historical note: Before the April 26th 2006 update this was the only title players were able to achieve.

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