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This is the first match of the Global Tournament. To proceed to the actual PvP tournament, the party first has to defeat a group of Zaishen:

Note: The group consists of a number of Zaishen. The Monks and Elementlist will always appear. The others are a mix with a casters in front of the monks.

While fighting the Zaishen, the party has a Ghostly Hero. The hero will stay out of the way though and thus is not involved in the battle.

Defeating the Zaishen fast enough gives the Party a Morale Boost:

  • Under 30 seconds: 10%
  • Under 60 seconds: 8%
  • Under 80 seconds: 6%
  • Under 100 seconds: 4%
  • Under 120 seconds: 2%

Note that the time must be UNDER the given value, that is, 29 seconds will give the full 10% morale, but 30 seconds will not, giving 8% instead.

The timer does not start immediately, giving teams time to organize, set up enchantments, or set up spirits if they desire. It will start when any player moves forward far enough. The line that a player must cross to start the timer is around where the stone platform first merges into the ground (the "eye"). This means that if a player walks to the tip of the projection at the center of the platform, the timer will start. Teams will usually tell people when to go, if you are in Heroes Ascent it is a good idea to ask your team first.

Note that a player with a longbow or flatbow can successfully attack the nearest Zaishen from the eye without starting the timer. This will allow players with pets to send them in first and to charge adrenaline without tripping the timer.

Heroes' Ascent Maps HA-Icon.jpg
Heroes' Ascent (Tournament Map)

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The Hall of Heroes
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