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A hex is "a spell that causes a negative effect for a period of time (e.g., movement/attack speed reduction, Health or Energy degeneration)."

Essentially, hexes are the opposite of enchantments. Some hexes can reduce an enemy's armor, their energy regeneration, or their movement speed; other hexes will inflict damage on enemies when they take certain actions, such as Empathy which damages those who attack.

In general, a hex takes effect before any enchantments or spells cast take effect.


Hexes are available to these professions:

Equipment interactions[]

It is possible to take advantage of being hexed with the right equipment:

  • Suffixes Of Valor give bonus health while hexed
  • "Don't Fear the Reaper" inscriptions give bonus attack damage while hexed
  • "I am Sorrow" inscriptions give bonus energy while hexed
  • "Be Just and Fear Not" inscriptions give bonus armor while hexed
  • "Nothing to Fear" inscriptions give physical damage reduction while hexed

Also, Lieutenant's insignia reduces hex duration.


When a creature is hexed, a black ring will appear around the lower torso of that creature. An icon representing the profession the hex belongs to will rotate along the ring.

A hexed character will have a purple down arrow on his health bar in the party window and the hex's skill icon will appear in the Effects Monitor, surrounded by a purple border. If the player suffers health degeneration as a result of a hex other than Vile Miasma, then his entire health bar will turn purple and begin to decrease. Spirits are immune to hexes, though pets and undead minions are not.

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