Historian Of Houses

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Historian Of Houses
Historian Of Houses.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10

The Historian Of Houses is an NPC in the Kurzick capital of House zu Heltzer, standing to the right of the armor and weapon crafters. He provides information on the Kurzick Great Houses. He is the Kurzick counterpart of the Luxon Historian of Clans.

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The structure of the Kurzick noble houses can be intimidating to an outsider. However it is the most important part of Kurzick society. What house you are born into effects [sic] everything. It is my duty to keep records of all the houses for public knowledge.

Tell me of House zu Heltzer:

Members of House zu Heltzer are the leaders of the Kurzicks. Since the Jade wind passed over the forest two hundred years ago, the zu Heltzers have led a renaissance of thought, magic, and art. They are the greatest builders and inventors, enchanting the stone itself with magical wards and protections. Their house motto is, "The mind conquers all." Their patron god is Dwayna.

Tell me of House Vasburg:

Those of House Vasburg are the greatest warriors and fighters in the Kurzick Empire. To them battle is a perilous dance for which they train their entire lives. Their house motto is, "Battle is the most magnificent of all the true gods' creations." Their patron god is Balthazar.

Tell me of House Brauer:

House Brauer leads the Kurzicks in their pursuit of the aesthetic. They create great sculptures and paintings trying to bring color and life into the Empire. Their house motto is, "Beauty in everything. In everything beauty." Their patron god is Lyssa.

Tell me of House Lutgardis:

House Lutgardis is responsible for creating and using musical instruments. Most notable about the house are its tree singers who tend the forever trees in the Eternal Grove. They are able to reinvigorate the forest through song. Their house motto is, "Music is the voice of the five true gods." Their patron god is Melandru.

Tell me of House Durheim:

House Durheim is known as the "old house". They are historians and scholars with an extreme reverence for the past. They claim to have a special bond with Grenth that enables them to chronicle the lives of every Kurzick. Many of House Durheim are also great poets and playwrights. Their house motto is, "The five true gods teach us, the ancestors guide us." Their patron god is Grenth.